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greenest zoo in America. When the AZA visited           “We’re a 70-acre botanical garden
    for their most recent accreditation renewal, the         that shows how diversity in an
    representatives commented that ours was the most         urban landscape can really
    beautiful zoo they had ever seen.                        influence the way a place looks
    	 Says Steve, “We’re a 70-acre botanical garden          and feels.”
    that shows how diversity in an urban landscape can
    really influence the way a place looks and feels.” Zoo  	 The Zoo’s Horticulture department comprises 12
    horticulturist Scott Beuerlein expounds, “We’re         gardening professionals, along with interns and
    creating a good place, a safe, happy environment        volunteers. These experts in their field contribute to
    where people want to spend time. It’s comfortable,      magazines, blogs, and radio programs, and sit on
    it’s shady, it’s beautiful.”                            boards of horticultural organizations locally and
    	 Steve and Scott frequently complete each other’s      nationally.
    sentences, such is their close working relationship.    	 Thanks to them, the influence of our Zoo’s
    After six years with the team, Scott remains the        botanical garden doesn’t stop at the edge of the
    “newbie.” Steve began as an intern 33 years ago,        park. It grows ever outward, far beyond the city
    and many other members of team share similar            center, reaching everyone from school children to
    longevity.                                              master gardeners. Our esteemed Horticulture De-
                                                            partment lies at the heart of a far-reaching cluster
6                                                           of programs.
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