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We Love our City

          Zoos share a special         When Cincinnati real estate developer and
                                     businessman Harry Fath visited the Lincoln Park
   camaraderie to ensure the         Zoo in Chicago, their indoor gorilla facility “blew
         survival of endangered      his socks off.” Harry exclaims, “The gorillas in their
        species. They work and       facility were very active. That day, I marveled at a
          learn together to give     400 lb. silverback who grabbed a head of lettuce,
         better care for animals     swung high in the canopy, and ate the lettuce
                                     while hanging on a vine with one hand. And their
    and their offspring. When        strength and agility is just incredible. They enjoy
    one zoo learns, other zoos       displaying surprising behaviors to engage with
   often follow by example. At       visitors. You don’t come to just see the gorillas,
                                     you end up lost in time while they enrapture you.”
      its best, it’s a team effort
     for the survival of species       Harry left that day believing that the Cincinnati
                                     Zoo needed to build something similar for our
           and education of the      own gorillas. He’s convinced that, together, we
                    general public.  can make it happen.

                                       Linda and Harry Fath are true Cincinnatians.
                                     Harry’s grandparents arrived here in the 1870s.
                                     They love this town, its icons, and its stories.
                                     Their out-of-town friends often express surprise
                                     at the arts, parks, and culture that a city of our
                                     size has to offer. And yes, their guests have heard
                                     about our wonderful Zoo. Love of Cincinnati runs
                                     deep in the Faths like the rolling Little Miami
                                     River. They enjoy working on big transformative
                                     projects that help Cincinnati shine like the Queen
                                     City it is.

                                       While the Faths support many non-profits in
                                     the city (Taft Museum, Playhouse in the Park,
                                     Lighthouse Youth Services, Music Hall, and
                                     Catholic Inner City Schools Education, to name
                                     a few), they have an international footprint as

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