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well. They are involved with American Friends                        “Cincinnati is a flagship
of the Louvre, French Heritage, and one of their                home of gorillas, having 50
favorites - Mercy Ships. Mercy Ships thinks big
and treats thousands of people across the world                     successful gorilla births”
with a variety of illnesses. It’s easy to see why
the Faths love that organization. The CEO and                                                                                Enrichment
co-founder of Mercy Ships, Don Stephens, once                                                                                       Treats
shared with Harry the story of his meeting with
Mother Teresa. Stephens had questions prepared      plans to build this remarkable space. Together, let’s
to ask her. Little did he know that, instead, she   continue showing the world just how special a Zoo
had questions of her own for him. Mother Teresa     can be. Join us today!
asked him three piercing questions: Why were
you born? Where is the pain in your life? What                                                                                           9
are you doing about it? Like Don Stephens, those
questions now inspire and drive Harry – and we
are all better for it.

  When Harry feels that something in Cincinnati
could be improved, he looks at himself in the
mirror and asks, “What are you going to do
about it?” In the case of the Lincoln Park gorilla
experience, Harry was moved to act. He took Zoo
Director Thane Maynard and Curator of Primates
Ron Evans to Chicago to personally share his
experience. Said Harry, “Cincinnati is a flagship
home of gorillas, having 50 successful gorilla
births. I believe that if we create indoor viewing
of Gorillas, not only will they have better well-
being and more expansive enrichment, but the
Zoo’s attendance could explode by hundreds of
thousands a year. It could be the most incredible
thing to ever happen to the Zoo and our gorillas.”

  Linda and Harry knew that progress was
needed so they stepped up to become lead donors
for the Cincinnati Zoo’s Transforming Gorilla
World capital project. Through leadership and
teamwork, they are spurring others to give. They
hope their example inspires all of us to give what
we can. Transforming Gorilla World is currently
one of our city’s most important projects and will
create a jolt of energy in the entire region. Like
Linda and Harry, we hope you are inspired by our
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