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                       by Jim Marlow, Spaulding Foundation Trustee

“As the tall ships sink below the horizon, signaling sunset at the end of another day, there is no
 despair; look over your shoulder and know with joy the sunrise and the reappearance of the
     tall ships announcing a new day with Ruth Spaulding saying, 'Let’s start another Zoo.'”

                                                                          Excerpt from Ruth’s homily at her funeral service – 1997

        Ruth and Joe Spaulding’s first big donation to the Cincinnati Zoo was in 1965 for our rare
    pygmy hippo, which was housed in what is currently the Elephant House. Then, after their
    young son Joseph passed away unexpectedly, Ruth decided to commemorate his great love
    for his many pets and animals in general with a landmark gift to establish a “state of the
    art” Joseph Spaulding Children’s Zoo at the Cincinnati Zoo. Today a bronze statue of Joseph
    stands at the entrance of the Children’s Zoo to welcome hundreds of thousands of kids
    from across our region.

        Ruth wanted all children to have access to the Children’s Zoo. While the original concept
    was to charge additional admission for entry, Ruth’s generosity ensured that entry would be
    free, simply a part of general admission to the Zoo.

        Following Ruth’s death, her legacy and benevolence was continued through her
    foundation. The Children’s Zoo has since added updated child safety features and flooring
    for the hoofed animals and installed lorikeet and Mexican wolf exhibits.

        The Spaulding Foundation has continued Ruth’s legacy of generosity in other parts of
    the Zoo. The foundation became the lead donor for our Cat Canyon exhibit, completed in
    2012. This exhibit transformed under-utilized space into open panoramic views of cougars,
    tigers, and snow leopards set in habitats with beautiful waterfalls, rock formations, and
    native horticulture. Cat Canyon began the tradition of outdoor glass barrier viewing walls,
    enabling visitors to get almost nose-to-nose with our animals.

        Today, The Spaulding Foundation is one of the lead foundation donors for the new
    Gorilla World Transformation. It is important to all of us that gorillas can maintain their
    natural family structure and an enriched life habit. Zoo patrons will be able to view our
    wonderful gorillas in their new and renovated habitats year-round.

        The Spaulding Foundation remains committed to conservation efforts and endangered
    species research. Ruth has had a powerful legacy at the Cincinnati Zoo, and we are honored
    to keep that legacy going.

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