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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is undertaking
               a major $13 million capital project to transform our most
               popular exhibit, Gorilla World.

                      At present, our gorillas can be seen for 7 or at most 8 months of the year
                    because the exhibit is outdoors. Building an expansive indoor habitat in
                    addition to the outdoor exhibit will allow much-desired winter viewing for our
                    visitors and also dramatically improve gorilla well-being by providing multiple
                    gorilla family groups with access to naturalistic settings, a bio-floor, natural
                    daylight, and large interactive spaces, promoting healthy interaction among
                    family members.

                      The current holding, although state-of-the-art in 1978, has become
                    antiquated and is not in keeping with modern gorilla management. New and
                    more progressive holding facilities with rooms arranged in a "roundabout"
                    fashion are needed, so that the gorillas have easy options to move past one
                    another and giving keepers flexibility and gorillas, spatial variety and healthy
                    interactions. (Not pictured: a floor of gorilla bedrooms and interactive areas
                    under Gorilla World). The new indoor exhibit is shown on the far right side of
                    the drawing above.

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