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The following pages are full of important information just for you. Whether you are a part-timer instructor or a Volunteer Educator you will find information here that will help you achieve your goals and the mission of the Cincinnati Zoo. Please read over this information carefully and contact your Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.

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Below you will find important interpretive guides and information all educators should be familiar with.


Interpretive Skills Manual

Interpretive Skills Manual (PDF)

We are here to inspire every visitor every day with wildlife. The Zoo is about saving wildlife and wild places. To do that, we need people to not only know how they impact on the environment, but more importantly, to care and do something about it. Our goal is to change values, attitudes, and behavior, not to just give out information. We aim to do so by engaging, inspiring, and empowering our visitors through interpretation.

This manual outlines the interpretive skills that will help you do so. It provides examples of how to put those skills to use and presents opportunities for practice. The manual also includes guidance for developing your own interpretive programs.

Click here to take the Interpretation Quiz.


Speaking the Same Language

Speaking the Same Language (PDF) Updated 1/27/2011

It is important for all Zoo employees and volunteers to speak the same language. We have a responsibility to provide accurate and consistent information, which is essential to achieving the Zoo’s mission and maintaining the Zoo’s credibility. This manual provides basic background information with which all employees and volunteers should be familiar.


Social Media Policy

The Zoo has a Social Media Policy that all full-time employees, part-time employees, and volunteers must adhere to.

Read the CZBG Social Media Policy


Operant Conditioning

Introduction to Operant Conditioning (Animal Training) Power Point


Exhibit Interpretive Guides

Night Hunters Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Go Green Garden Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Giraffe Ridge Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Discovery Forest Interpretive Guide (PDF Updated 2012)

Wolf Woods Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Cat Canyon Interpretive Guide (PDF)

Africa Interpretive Guide (PDF)


Zoo Trivia

Use these fun facts to engage visitors on grounds at any time.

Zoo Trivia (PDF)