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Interested in AZAD?

AZAD is the Association of Zoo and Aquarium Docents. Membership is open to anyone who volunteers as an educational guide or interpreter at a zoo or aquarium anywhere in the world – that’s you!  It is a wonderful way to be part of a community of people who share a passion for the natural world and a desire to pass that enthusiasm on to others.  Whether it is through interesting articles written by fellow docents in their quarterly newsletter, sharing information, stories, photos, or the latest animal birth on their Facebook page, or meeting docents from across the country at a national conference, AZAD enhances your experience as a docent.  For more information, please visit their website or ask a current AZAD member (Gay Bullock, Gayle Pauley,  or Dave Stentz, just to name a few!)  Membership dues are $20/year – membership forms, as well as patches and pins, are available on their website. Check it out and join today!

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Day Leader Contact Information

***Volunteers, please contact your day leaders for day to day needs.

    Day     2014 Day Leader  Contact Information
Monday George Hood, 859-578-0412 (h), eftman@hotmail.com
Bill Sohmer,  513-738-3459 (h), 513-593-5331 (c) wsohmer@fuse.net
Jamie E. Green, 513-403-1524, Green.JEP@gmail.com
Tuesday  Jackie Dieckman, 513-947-0977, jdieckman@hotmail.com
Carolyn Menke, 513-503-4029, cmenke7987@gmail.com
Clara Dantic, 513-521-1254
 Wednesday   Joyce Rudowski, 513-791-8920 (h), 513-478-2524 (c) rudowski@fuse.net
 Howard Haskins, 513-675-9624, hhaskins@cinci.rr.com
 Allan Beach, 513-761-0728, abeach@cinci.rr.com
   Thursday  Dave Stentz, 513-851-1604 (h), 513-324-6181 (c) stentzdm@fuse.net
Karl Graham, 513-484-8802, grahamkarl@fuse.net
Friday  Nancy Ballantyne, 513-233-0144, kenyab@cinci.rr.com
 Gay Bullock, 513-235-6636 (c), jgkbullock@fuse.net
Saturday  Carolyn Friedman, 513-405-4761, 513-231-2436 caral@fuse.net
Debbie Harden, 859-331-9386 (h), 859-240-8250(c), Deborah.harden@thechristhospital.com
 Mike Pleiman, 513-528-2068 (h),513-623-0624 (c) michael.pleiman@zoomtown.com
Sunday  Gayle Pauley, 513-532-9933, elyag2002@aol.com
 Chip Dieckmann, 513-227-9913 (c), dieckmann@zoomtown.com
 Diane Vogelsang, 513-617-4253, Dianev@tjwelectric.com

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Wild Discover Zones 2014

October Zone Schedules-
Eagle Eyrie
Zone Activity
Elephant Reserve
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Summer Extension Activity
Gorilla World
Zone Activity
Manatee Springs
Zone Activity
Swan Lake
Zone Activity
Swan Lake Field Guide
World of the Insect
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