Hello Team! This season is going to be great!  2014 season officially starts on March 15th!

 Here is our updated Part Time Animal Encounters Manual 2014

Intern Wild Encounters Manual 2014




Giraffe Talking Points

 Africa Exhibit Interpretive Guide 2013

Mahali or African Animal Encounter

Walk Protocol

Children’s Zoo Goat Identification

Use these photos and descriptions to identify all of the goats in the Children’s Zoo barn yard.

Goat ID A-F

Goat ID H-M

Goat ID N-R

Goat ID S-Z

Many of you have been excitedly been asking about animal socialization this year!  Of course we are going to do it as it is just as important for the animals health and well being as it is for you and the animals growing relationship with each other!

Here is a reminder of how it works.  There are 7 teams. On those teams there are 7-ish people and 7-ish animals and one team mentor.

The team mentor helps out with communication with the group.  If you need to switch a shift, have questions about an animal, or the program itself they can help.

Your team, lets call it “Team 1” is in charge of 7-ish animals (you will get a complete list).  The thought is that there is at least one person per 7 days of the week so the animals get worked with at least once a day.  It is your responsibility to work with the animal for 15 mins each on your day or to get it covered from someone else on your team.  So we assign you to a group, and day(s) (based on your availability) and everyone is happy!!

Animal Socialization Information