Do you want to add something wild to your upcoming event?  We will bring the Zoo to you during these 45 minute close encounters with the Zoo’s animal ambassadors.

We travel to schools, birthday parties, scout meetings, nursing homes, libraries, community events, festivals, and more!


Choose from these options:

Small Venue Programs

In a more intimate setting a knowledgeable Zoo educator will engage your group in a fun and interactive program highlighting the amazing adaptations and survival stories of 3 Zoo animal ambassadors. We will talk about the important role each species plays and ways we can all become involved in protecting wildlife and wild places. During this program participants will have the opportunity to touch and/or interact with animals. Max 30-40 participants.

If you have an audience larger than 40 participants and you would like an assembly program check out our Bird Show or Cat Show

Mix and Mingle

Have a large event?  We are happy to be a part of it!  During this 45 minute interaction, a knowledgeable Zoo educator will have three Zoo Animal Ambassadors prepared to meet visitors as they pass by our station.

This is a great option for open format events that allow guests to choose to visit our station, ask questions, and may even touch some of our Animal Ambassadors! 


Zoo on the Move is for school or non-school groups. Events such as scout gatherings, library programs, after-school programs, fairs, birthdays, camps, community events, picnics, nursing homes, etc. benefit from our appearances.

This program is not appropriate for commercial retail settings. Purely commercial ventures like store openings and other retail events are not possible.




897092162_img_2494Program requirements

  • Zoo animals MUST NOT be near or mixed with non-Zoo animals.
  • There must be a staging area for the animals where the public is NOT PERMITTED. This area must be cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and well ventilated.
  • Our animals require privacy while they are in their crates. Whether in or out of their crates, disruptive behavior & excessive noise is unacceptable in their area. This includes (but is not limited to) machinery, loud music, and crowd conduct.
  • Appropriate shade and shelter must be available. Animals cannot be in direct sunlight.
  • Outdoor programs will be presented only if weather conditions permit. An indoor location must be set aside in case of inclement weather or high or low temperatures.
  • Many of our animals cannot be outside in temperatures over 80 degrees or under 60 degrees. This does not apply to all species but it does apply to the majority. Please consider this when determining the location.
  • The presenter will need a parking space close to the presentation site.
  • Presenters have the authority to cancel or stop a program if they feel the animals’ welfare is jeopardized.
  • Group behavior is the responsibility of the group leader not the Zoo.


Zoo on the Move will travel 30 miles from the Zoo maximum.





$200 for Community Groups

  • After-hours or evening school events or programs
  • Vacation Bible Schools and church groups
  • Libraries
  • Retirement communities and Senior Homes
  • Scout events and meetings
  • Commercial Pre-Schools

$300 for Public Groups

  • Corporate events and meetings
  • Private events and parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Festivals







Contact us by phone 513-559-7767 , or email, for more details on how we can bring our animals and conservation stories to your next event!