BIG Family Reunion

Posted October 13, 2022

Baby Hippo Fritz’s Dad Joins the Bloat in Cincinnati Zoo’s Hippo Cove

Tucker takes cues from baby’s mom during first full introduction

 CINCINNATI, OH (October 13, 2022) — Baby hippo Fritz’s dad, Tucker, was on his best behavior this morning in Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s Hippo Cove during his first outing with the full bloat since August 3, when Fritz was born.  He took Bibi’s cues and gave Fritz space when she indicated that he should.  Bibi has already trained Fiona, Fritz’s famous big sister, to back off if she looks at her a certain way!

Photos and video of first introductions

“We are thrilled with what we observed this morning,” said Cincinnati Zoo’s director of animal care Christina Gorsuch.  “Tucker was patient and submissive, which is exactly what he needed to be for Bibi to allow him to get close to Fritz.  She also seemed happy to be reunited with him and even let Fritz wander off to play with Fiona while she interacted with him.”

The hippo team is pleased with what they saw and will continue to put the full bloat together.  Hippo Cove may be closed during some introductions, and the live hippo cam (available to members and virtual members) may be turned off. There is no set schedule for introductions, but the goal is to have open Hippo Cove for at least part of each day.  It will remain open on Saturdays and Sundays during HallZOOween, which starts this weekend!

Look for updates about when you might be able to see the full bloat on and on  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube.