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In-person programs are permanently suspended. If you had a cancelled program in 2020, please see our Virtual Programs or Field Trips.

Wild Chats

Wild Chats are hosted live by a Zoo Educator and include pre-recorded interviews with staff from around the Zoo. Groups will be contacted before the program by an Educator to gather group questions that can then be answered during the Wild Chat.

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Date/Time: Monday-Saturday, 9:30am-6:00pm. You choose the date and start time.
Cost: $150 per program
Payment: Credit card, check, purchase order; due within two weeks of registering.

Program Length: 45 minutes
Program Capacity: 30 participants per program
Audience: after school and school summer programs, commercial preschools/daycares, scout groups, recreation centers, nursing homes/senior centers, libraries, church groups/vacation bible school.

Note: Please note that submitting this request does not guarantee that the date and time you have requested will be fulfilled. A member of the Education Department will be in contact with you in 2-5 days of your request to confirm your date and time or to suggest another date and time.

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions below.


My B.F.Fiona (all ages): Through videos with her and her care staff and live conversations and Q&A with the Zoo program host, participants will get an insider’s view into the world of this charismatic hippo.

Zoo Careers (6th grade and above): Through videos from different members of the Zoo team plus live conversation and Q&A with the Zoo program host, participants will get an insider’s view into some of the different kinds of careers it takes to run the world class Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden! You will pick three zoo careers from the list provided to be spotlighted during your program. Choose from: Animal Care Staff, Veterinarian, Horticulturist, IT Specialist, Aquatics/Dive Safety Officer, or Graphic Designer.

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Virtual Wild Chats

What platform is used for Virtual programs?

We will be using Zoom as our platform for programs. A link to the Zoom meeting will be emailed to you approximately 2-3 days before your event date.

What if my group has more than 30 participants?

Groups with more than 30 participants can register for additional programs. We can accommodate two programs at the same time or two programs back-to-back. Simultaneous programs will be combined with the same instructor and back-to-back programs will need a 15 minute break between programs.

Will my group need supplies for virtual programs?

Your group will not need any supplies for these programs. In order to participate, groups will need a computer/tablet/phone with internet access. Groups do not need a Zoom account. Participants can view the program individually, or as a group.

What happens during a Virtual Wild Chat?

After registering for the program, an instructor will be in contact with the group leader. Groups are able to come up with questions that the instructor will then answer during the course of the program. Approximately 2-3 days before the program, a link will be emailed to the group leader for the Zoom meeting.

At the start time for the program, the instructor/host will allow participants entry into the meeting. The instructor/host will begin the program with a brief overview of the topic before proceeding with an interactive session of topic-related questions (submitted ahead of time by the teacher/participants) and answers complemented by pre-recorded videos with Zoo staff that pertain to the topic. The program will end with an opportunity for the participants to ask any remaining question they may have that were not already covered.

Who will be presenting my program?

All programs are hosted/led by Cincinnati Zoo Education Department staff. The videos that are shown will feature topic-specific Zoo staff from various departments around the Zoo. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate requests for specific Zoo staff as hosts.

I don’t see a program that meets my specific area of interest. May I request a specific topic or a la carte program?

In order to honor the other responsibilities of our staff and provide the best possible program to participants, we can only offer the advertised programs and specified times/dates. If you have a specific aspect of one of the advertised topics upon which you would like us to focus more attention, please mention this in the request form or to your instructor when they contact you and we will do what we can to accommodate you.

I don’t see the specific Zoo Career area that I am interested in under the options. Can my host still talk about this one or interview someone from that area for my program?

Unfortunately, we are only able to discuss, in detail, and show videos related to the career areas that are featured. The host can also speak about general Zoo career information (ex. age requirements, how to apply, etc). You can also check back as we will be adding new Zoo Career areas throughout the year.

Are there worksheets or activities that you recommend as a follow up or as program prep?

There is no prior learning that must happen before your program. If this ties in with something that you are learning, however, you will have an opportunity to provide the instructor with program-related questions from your group approximately one week in advance (ex. How much does Fiona weigh compared to Bibi?). During your program, the instructor will try to address all questions that time allows.

If you are interested in follow-up activities, check our Home Safari page for those that may apply.

Are programs aligned to state curriculum standards?

Virtual Zoo on the Move programs are aligned with Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana state science standards.

Wild Chats are currently aligned with Ohio state standards and we are in the process of adding KY and IN standards. A list of the standards met by specific programs is available upon request.

Who should I contact if I have last minute questions about or changes to my program?

If your program is scheduled to occur within a week, you should have already been contacted by your presenter with details. Please email or call them with changes/questions.

If your program is more than a week out, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I reschedule my program? What if I need to cancel? Cancellation/Change Policy

If you need to reschedule or cancel a program, please contact us at [email protected] as soon as possible.

Wild Chat and Zoo on the Move payments are non-refundable unless your program is cancelled by the Cincinnati Zoo. 

Education Terms and Conditions

See our updated and consolidated Terms and Conditions for additional details for all programs.

CALL OR EMAIL: 513-559-7730 OR [email protected]