A better Zoo.  A better you.  A better Cincinnati.

AmeriCorps Commitment:  

In 2016, the Zoo received a federal matching grant to establish an AmeriCorps service program at the Zoo. The program will support 14 positions at the Zoo, nine of which will be dedicated to LCEAF program delivery, solidifying our commitment to long-term community impact.  These AmeriCorps members are helping us achieve ambitious outcomes of academic engagement and science literacy within the Cincinnati community.

A Cincinnati Experience:

In a more long-term view, our expectation is that the LCEAF will continue to help the Zoo raise the quality of life in Greater Cincinnati by allowing students who were not able to come to the Zoo for financial reasons the opportunity to do so now. The LCEAF is very literally leveling the playing field for schools—because of it, field trips are no longer a luxury that only affluent schools can afford.  We intend for the LCEAF to offer the opportunity for EVERY child to be inspired by wildlife every day and enjoy the essential Cincinnatian experience of visiting this top Zoo.


Here are the words of one teacher about her students’ experience:
“Thank you so much for giving our students the opportunity to experience the zoo!  It was an amazing trip. We come from a district that has a low income population. Many of these students do not get to travel even outside the county…. To see this in person, rather than reading it from a book was phenomenal. We were able to make real life connections with the animals that we have been studying and reading about.  Without this grant, our students would not have been able to go on this outstanding field trip!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Thank You to our Sponsors

The Living Classroom Education Access Fund was made possible through generous support from our 2012 founding partners:

The Helen G., Henry F. and Louise Tuechter Dornette Foundation

The Ambassador Council of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

The John A. Schroth Family Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee


Additional support has been provided by individuals, corporations, and foundations, including these major gifts:


Virginia W. Kettering Foundation


Mathile Family Foundation


Jack J. Smith, Jr. Charitable Trust, PNC Bank and Karen B. Wachs, Co-Trustees


Robert H. Reakirt Foundation, PNC Bank, Trustee


The Sutphin Family Foundation


The Andrew Jergens Foundation