Fennec Fox Kits Now On Display at the Cincinnati Zoo!

Posted August 22, 2012

 For the first time since 1994, the Cincinnati Zoo is proud to announce the birth of three Fennec fox kits.  The kits, one male and two females, were born at the Zoo on July 16 and are now on display in the Night Hunters exhibit.

Born to father, “Stomp” and mother, “Sage,” the kits are being raised by both parents. Fennec fox males help in raising the kits, providing food for mom when the kits are young and then providing food for the kits as they grow. 

The fennec fox is relatively uncommon in U.S. zoos, currently only housed in 32 organizations. Recently, breeding has been on a decline, with only five litters in the last two years, making this birth much needed for the species.

The smallest fox, the fennec fox has the largest ears relative to body size of any canid, reaching lengths of up to 6 inches. In addition to enhancing the fox’s sense of hearing, the huge ears also act as “radiators,” allowing it to regulate its body temperature in the hot desert.