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Edible Gardens

Our small edible garden, located near the Schott Education Center, is meant to demonstrate how easily and compactly a productive vegetable garden can be built. It was designed and constructed by Zoo Hort Staff in collaboration with Peter Huttinger of the Civic Garden Center of Cincinnati and Tracy Williams of Greensleeve Designs of Louisville, KY. Featured are raised vegetable beds, which will rotate between legumes (beans and peas), cole crops (kale, cabbage, cauliflower), tomatoes, peppers, and more. From vertical window boxes, we will harvest a rich diversity of nutritious lettuces, other greens, and herbs. A small orchard of trees and assorted berries will provide fruit.

Come visit the garden, explore and learn! Gardening is fun and enriching. It benefits us and the planet.

Chipotle Edible Gardens


Three Chipotle Edible Gardens at the Zoo feature an array of vegetables and herbs, all grown from seed. The gardens are designed for visitors of all ages to learn about planting foods they can grow and enjoy at home.

Guests are invited to sample produce from the Chipotle Edible Gardens during growing season.



Simply stated, aquaponics is growing fish to eat (aquaculture) and vegetables (hydroponics) together, where wastes from the fish are food for the plants, and the plants clean the water for the fish. Aquaponics systems range from simple, tabletop systems consisting of little more than goldfish and a few sprigs of basil to elaborate, commercial scale systems which employ many people and produce tons of food annually.

The Zoo’s aquaponics system, built in one of our Greenhouses, was designed to show how folks can build their own family-scale, aquaponic garden from materials available at local hardware/landscaping stores.

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