Our Gorilla Family


Birthdate: 8/29/2015

Elle was the 50th gorilla born at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden since 1970. She’s adventurous and likes to play with other youngsters.  



Birthdate: 8/04/2014

Parents are Asha and Jomo.  Mondika (Pronounced Mondeeka)  is the name of an area in the Republic of Congo that habituates western lowland gorillas for up close observation, research and eco tourism.  Mondika is very curious and sociable. She’s a young, lanky gorilla who can be found hanging out with her mom & playing with the other youngsters.



Birthdate: 1/29/2013

Gladys was raised by surrogate humans and later introduced to surrogate gorilla moms M’Linzi and Mara.  She’s a young gorilla with shaggy hair and a round body shape. She’s very playful & likes to carry younger gorillas around.


Jomo head

Birthdate:  07/18/1991

Jomo is a silverback gorilla and father to Mona and Elle. He is a super dad and also is the largest gorilla; twice as big as the adult females. The females in his group look to him for protection and leadership. He uses entire yard and climbs tree & likes to sit in alcove near the waterfall.


Samantha head

Birthdate:  01/31/1970

Samantha hangs out near caves, also in grassy area under tree, left of stream.  Pink spot on lower lip, looks like tongue sticking out.  Grayest hair of the group (she’s the oldest) 



Birthdate:  12/07/1982

Mother of Mara and surrogate mother to Gladys.  She has lots of gray hair and a low brow which makes it look like she’s frowning. She often sits in a tree adn holds her hand to her head. 



Birthdate:  08/13/1995

Daughter of M’Linzi and second mom to Gladys.   She sits on the tree a lot and often likes to be alone.  She has puffy gray sideburns, is smaller than other females.



Birthdate:  12/04/2002

Asha is very outgoing and moves around the entire exhibit.  She has mostly dark black hair and is larger than most of the other females. Asha is very confident and a strong leader.  She is socially savvy and knows how to use her high status as a mother with the silverback to get him to back her in whatever she wants. She’s an excellent mother and is very protective her baby.


Chewie head

Birthdate:  09/17/1995

Chewie is an active gorilla who travels around the yard a lot. She has lots of rings and wrinkles around her eyes and nose and lots of black hair.


Birthdate:  10/17/1987

As part of a multi-zoo collaborative move recommended by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) Species Survival Plan (SSP), male gorilla Mshindi [ma-shin-dee] was relocated from the Louisville Zoo to Cincinnati and is starting to make himself at home in the outdoor habitat. He will be joined eventually by females Chewie and Mara.

The Cincinnati Zoo is dedicated to gorilla conservation. Click here to learn more.