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Stuffed Animal Clinic

We’re offering members an opportunity to bring their plush friends to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden for a checkup, or ER visit if the stuffed friend needs more TLC, during our Stuffed Animal Clinic on June 11th from noon – 4pm.

While kids and families witness their friends receiving care and repair, they will learn the essentials of caring for both zoo animals and local wildlife.

stuffed animal clinic

Checkup Visit Information  

At our stuffed animal checkup stations, your plush pals will receive a fun exam to ensure they’re in beary good shape and feeling pawsome!

ER Visit Information

In our stuffed animal emergency room (ER), we’re ready to patch up any plush emergencies! If your furry friend has a hole, tear, or needs a quick patch, our team is ready to make the necessary repairs. We’ll sew things up and get them back to feeling grrr-eat!