Take Green Actions for the Greenest Zoo in America®

Posted August 10, 2012

The Zoo Gets $$ When You Turn Off a Light!

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has teamed up with myActions.org The Social Network For The Planet to create an online and mobile “green action” campaign to raise money for the Zoo.

Every “green” action you share on myActions.org now through August 31, 2012, earns the Cincinnati Zoo 25 cents. When you turn off a light, carpool, unplug an appliance or do any energy-saving action, go to myActions.org and record your actions.  It’s easy and the Zoo benefits!

With EVERY action you share, you can:

  • Raise money and awareness for your Cincinnati Zoo
  • Inspire and encourage your friends to be more “green”
  • Earn special limited time only “virtual cards” featuring Cincinnati Zoo animals
  • Get closer to becoming one of your team’s green “Action Heroes”
  • Be in the running to win a behind-the-scenes tour of the Zoo

Get Started

Join one of these teams:

Lucy the Bearcat

Suci the Sumatran Rhino

Sarah the Cheetah

Bernard the King Penguin

Sam the Bald Eagle

Kwashi the Gorilla

Create your own team &
invite friends to join you.

Click here for complete contest rules.  Get started today!