Travel to Africa, Papua New Guinea, or Peru with the Cincinnati Zoo in 2018!

Posted September 29, 2017

FREE Travel information session offered October 4

CINCINNATI – (September 28, 2017) If you have a passion for travel, exotic destinations, or wildlife, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s has the perfect adventure for you!  The Zoo is offering four unique locations and experiences in 2018, all led by seasoned and knowledgeable Cincinnati Zoo staff.

Interested?  Attend a complimentary Travel Evening on October 4, 2017, from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. to learn more about the 2018 trips to Peru, Kenya, Papua New Guinea and Namibia.

2018 Trip Details

Peru, July 4-15, 2018

Escorted by Brian Jorg, Zoo Horticulturist

Explore the rainforest in this, one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world. Three hundred sixty six species of birds, more than 300 species of butterflies and over 60 amphibians have been recorded from the Reserva Amazonica and many of these can be easily observed on the lodge grounds. Some of the indigenous species are quite rare with very few specimens in other places of the world.


Kenya, June 18-30, 2018
Escorted by Mike Dulaney, Curator of Mammals

This safari into the Kenyan bush is a dream wrapped in canvas, the narrative of which is shaped by the written accounts of Ernest Hemingway, Beryl Markham and Karen Blixen who appreciated tented life in the bush.  From your tented camp, watch the gripping action of predator and prey, and the delicate river dance of elephant, hippo, and crocodile.  Experiencing the immortalized parks and reserves of Samburu, Lake Nakuru and the Maasai Mara through canvas mark you as another explorer whose footsteps someone else will follow.  Continue an extension to the verdant forests of Uganda.  The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is one of the richest ecosystems in all of Africa and home to nearly half the world’s population of endangered mountain gorillas.  Uganda is a realm where humans are the visitors, and visitation is a privilege.

Papua New Guinea, July 12-25, 2018

Escorted by Ron Evans, Curator of Primates

Journey into a land forgotten by time.  Papua New Guinea is an enclave of rare life, from the endemic flora and fauna, to the customs and traditions that make this island nation thrive.  Encounter over 780 known bird species including six foot cassowaries and tiny Red Breasted Pygmy Parrots as well as tree kangaroos, spiny anteater and more than 2,000 species of orchid.   There are 850 distinct languages are spoken today in Papua New Guinea, making it het most linguistically diverse place on earth.  Take a leap into the unknown as you cross vine bridges in the rain forest, discover the fascinating world of the highlands and the decorates Huli wigmen of Tari, and boat along the great Sepik River, stopping off to interact with unforgettable tribal locals.  Discover New Guinea, the last bastion of traditions and ancestral spirits.

Namibia, November 2 – 16, 2018

Escorted by Dan Marsh, Director of Education –

Discover the magnificent landscapes and unique wildlife of Namibia, where apricot-hued desert sands swirl into razor sharp towering dune, some of the largest in the world.  Put on your walking shoes and trek for black rhino in one of the most breathtaking spots on earth!  Frequent the waterholes and watch the drama of the bush unfold right in front of your eyes.  Bushwalking and drives in 4×4 vehicles reward you with the wildlife treasures that inhabit this sometimes rough and harsh terrain.  Learn about the latest research and conservation efforts from the Cheetah Conservation Fund and their quest to protect this endangered cat.  Luxurious camps and charming lodges make almost dream-like havens for relaxing under starry skies.

Information regarding itineraries, costs and other details for each travel option will be available at the information session. To RSVP for the complimentary presentations or for additional information on travel opportunities provided by the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, please contact Christina Anderson at 513-487-3318.  Travel session will take place at the Frisch’s Theater in the Harold C. Schott Education Building at the Cincinnati Zoo. Parking for the event will be in the Education Parking Lot, for FREE.