Zooper Bowl Lineup is Here

Posted February 10, 2022

CINCINNATI, OH (February 10, 2022) — Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden’s ele-phant-asy football team represents the Jungle and is ready to roar.

“It’s Bin-tu-rong since the Bengals have played in the big game, and we can bearly wait for SunDey,” said Cincinnati Zoo vice president of marketing Chad Yelton.  “All we can talk about is the Superb Owl, so we decided to have some fun with an all-animal lineup.”

The team includes:  Evan McFierce One, CZ Uz-llama, Germaine Prattlesnake, Kevin Huber-mese Python, Ja’Maardvark Chase, Jo-Kapi Mixon, Joe Kooka-Burrow, Mana-Tee Higgins, Pen-Quin-ton Spain, Sam Hub-barred Owl, Samaje Pe-rhino, Taye-Aye-ler Boyd, and defensive Lion-man Trey Hendrickson.  Coached by Zack Tay-lorikeet.

“We came to play,” said Tay-lorikeet. “The guys have been eating and sleeping football. Kooka-Burrow is pretty cocky.  All he does is laugh.”

While the real team is playing in LA, you can bet there will be plenty of squawking, hissing, hooting, chuffing, grunting, laughing, and of course, roaring coming from the Jungle of the Cincinnati Zoo to cheer on the Bengals.  Who Dey!