January 3 – March 11, 2016

Enjoy half-price Zoo admission every day!

Every weekend, guests can watch penguins, polar bears, snow monkeys and even elephants enjoy the winter weather in their own way during a variety of animal enrichment activities.

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Penguin Days logoMarch to the Cincinnati Zoo and save a waddle of cash! Experience cooler prices and even cooler animals during Penguin Days, with half-price Zoo admission every day and special animal encounters every Saturday & Sunday, January 3 through March 11. Plus, enjoy heated indoor animal exhibits throughout the park.

Special Animal Encounters (weather permitting)

Sea Lion TreatsSea Lions11:00am11:00am
Elephant Fruit Ice BlocksElephant Reserve11:15am11:15am
Snow Monkey FeedingMonkey Island11:30am11:30am
Polar Bear Fish CiclesLords of the Arctic12:45pm12:45pm
Insect EncounterWorld of the Insect1:00pm1:00pm