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Do you want to perform research at the Cincinnati Zoo?

AZA believes that contemporary animal management, husbandry, veterinary care, and conservation practices should be based in science, and that a commitment to scientific research, both basic and applied, is a trademark of the modern zoological park and aquarium. AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums have the invaluable opportunity and are expected to, conduct or facilitate research both in in situ and ex situ settings to advance scientific knowledge of the animals in our care, enhance the conservation of wild populations, and engage and inspire the visiting public.

In 2020, 160 AZA-accredited and certified related facilities reported spending approximately $20.5 million on research efforts that impacted over 600 species and subspecies. Explore each Annual Report on Conservation and Science to learn about what each facility is doing individually, or explore Highlights to see what the AZA community is accomplishing together. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the many Zoos leading the way by having the most full-time equivalent (FTE) staff dedicated to research!

How to Submit Proposal

All animal research performed at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden must be reviewed and approved by the Animal Management Team. To submit your research request, please send a 2-3 page project proposal to [email protected].

The Cincinnati Zoo does not require a specific form for research proposals; however, your proposal should include background/justification, hypothesis, specific aims, methods, and significance/outcomes detailing how the proposed activities will improve the welfare and/or conservation of the species or individuals of interest. Please specify the minimum number of samples or individuals needed and the anticipated end date of the study. Be sure to include your full name, institutional affiliation, institutional address, email, and phone number.

Additional documents to include:

  • A letter of support if your project is endorsed by a TAG or SSP
  • A full copy of the survey if your project is survey-based
  • A copy of the ethogram if your study entails animal behavior monitoring