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Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is dedicated to creating adventure, conveying knowledge, conserving nature, and serving the community.

One of Cincinnati’s Crown Jewels

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is one of the oldest and best zoos in the nation. At its core lies an abundance of biodiversity, featuring over 400 species of animals and 3,000 plant species. It is also a world-renowned leader in the areas of endangered species reproduction, groundbreaking education collaboratives, and green practices.

  • Cincinnati is home to the ​#1 Zoo in the Country!​
  • The Zoo provides jobs, attracts tourists, ​and educates visitors about animals and conservation.​
photo of USA today article naming the Cincinnati Zoo as #1 zoo in the country with a photo of baby fiona the hippo

“Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is foundational to the Cincinnati region’s economic and societal well-being”

– 2023 UC Economic Impact Study

Economic Impact

As a center of excellence in its field, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is…

  • one of the premier attractions in the Cincinnati tri-state region, exceeding 1.7 million visitors a year
  • an economic engine, providing a $169 million annual economic impact to the region.
  • an invaluable educational asset with over 450,000 people participating in educational programs, including 140,000 pre-school and school-aged children engaged through field trips, camps, overnights, and family programs.
  • an award-winning partner in community redevelopment economic growth, working with diverse neighborhood organizations and community leaders.
  • a conservation and sustainability champion earning the title of “Greenest Zoo in America.”


The Zoological Society of Cincinnati was founded in 1873 and officially opened its doors in 1875, making the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden the second oldest Zoo in the United States. The Zoo’s original animal collection was very small, originally consisting of just eight monkeys, two grizzly bears, three deer, six raccoons, two elk, a buffalo, a hyena, a tiger, an alligator, a circus elephant, and over four hundred birds, including a talking crow. The Zoo was founded on 65 acres in the middle of the city, and since then has acquired some of the surrounding blocks and several reserves in Cincinnati’s suburbs.