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The Zoo Gourmet

Food is a huge part of celebrating holidays! At the Zoo, our animals feast year-round on carefully planned diets. Join us for a holiday food frenzy and learn how we feed thousands of animals every day. Through a game, a hike around the Zoo, and with the help of our Education animal ambassadors, we’ll learn about why different animals eat different foods, and how the Zoo manages its many menus.

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fiona eating her 3rd birthday cake
An adult in a grey jacket attaching a plastic tube to a maple tree as a child in a red coat and green hat holds a large white bucket under to catch maple sap.

Maple Tapping and Tasting

Come and join us at the Zoo’s Bowyer Farm for a fun afternoon full of history, hands-on activities, and storytelling all about maple tapping! This program offers a sweet peek into the history of this age-old tradition and offers an opportunity to participate in the maple tapping process. At the end, participants will be able to taste the pre-cursor to maple syrup, fresh from the tree, as well as some of the finished product! This program is sure to be fun for the whole family.

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Group Virtual Programs

Virtual Wild Chats are available to after school and school summer programs, commercial preschools/daycares, scout groups, recreation centers, nursing homes/senior centers, libraries, church groups/vacation bible school. All programs are based on academic standards, but are great for all age groups! Programs available Monday-Saturday, year-round. Find the best topic for your group and make your request below.

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