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Take Action for Wildlife!

Actions small and large make a difference when more people get involved.

Plant for Pollinators

Plant pollinator-friendly plants in your yard or community.

Lights Out Cincinnati

Reduce artificial light use to help migrating birds as they move through our region

Rain Barrel Art Auction

Buy a rain barrel to support environmental education and water conservation

E-Waste Recycling

Recycle cell phones and other electronic accessories to reduce waste in landfills and raise money for gorilla conservation.

photo of a bee, bird, rain barrel and gorilla to demonstrate local and global conservation projects

What Are You at the Zoo?

Take our short quiz to find out which animal or plant is most like you and what you can do to help your species twin thrive!

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Reduce Energy Usage

Build a Better Home for Wildlife

As natural spaces become smaller, fewer and farther apart, we can help wildlife by restoring habitat in our own yards and communities.

Pollinators, amphibians, and songbirds are particularly in need of safe spaces to live, forage and breed. Every species plays a role in keeping our environment healthy. For example, bees pollinate, birds spread seeds, and snakes keep rodent populations in check.

So let’s help them help us and beautify our communities at the same time!


Listen to Zoo Tales Podcast

Get a glimpse of life behind the scenes at the Cincinnati Zoo. Hosts Jenna Wingate and Mark Tewes, Zookeepers in the Africa department, interview Zoo staff and other animal and wildlife professionals about how they’re making a difference in this world. Each episode ends with a “What can I do?” action item to help listeners make a world of difference too.

Podcast Listen to Zoo Tales

Zoo tales podcast logo showing different types of animal tails

Get Involved

AZA’s Legislative Education Center

This site makes it easy to write to representatives to support various wildlife-related bills

Learn More
Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance

Greater Cincinnati Energy Alliance: Learn more about renewable energy projects

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Cincinnati Office of Environment and Sustainability

Learn more about what the City of Cincinnati is doing to go green

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