Hippopotamus, born six weeks premature on 1/24/2017

Kris & Remus

Kris the cheetah was born on July 7, 2019. Remus, the cheetah companion dog,  is a rescue and was born around April 27, 2019.

Fenn & Theo


Fennesy the baby giraffe was born on June 17, 2019 to Tessa & Kimba.


Theo the baby giraffe was born on November 23, 2019 to Cece and Kimba.

Audra and Lenore

Audra and Lenore were born on July 5, 2019 to Lin & Kola.


Riely the okapi was born on January 13 to Kuvua and Kiloro.


Lucille the baby bearcat was born on September 12, 2019.


Adana the bongo was born on June 16, 2019 to Stevie & Bo.

Penguin Chicks

Multiple little penguin chicks have hatched this year!


This is Ava our new Bennett’s wallaby. Look closely at her pouch. You can see her joey moving around. We expect the joey to start peeking out of the pouch sometime in May.


Southern 3 banded armadillo – Quesodillo

Emporer Scorpion

Emporer Scorpion

Dead Leaf Mantis

Dead Leaf Mantis

Shama Thrush

We have two white-rumped shama thrush chicks! The females lay 1-5 eggs per clutch and incubate for 13 days. Chicks fledge at 11 days and are weaned, full-grown, and molted into adult plumage by 45 days. We have had this species for 6 years and this is our first successful breeding season.