Friday, September 15, 2017
6:30pm – Midnight

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Zoofari was Voted #1 Charity Event in Cincinnati in City Beat’s Best of Cincinnati Issue 2015!

The popular artist from Art Versatile who specializes in henna will also be at this event

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Event chairs: John & Eileen Barrett.

Congo: A Hidden Beauty

A mosaic of rivers, forests, savannas, swamps and flooded forests, the Congo Basin is teeming with life. Spanning six countries and 500 million acres, the Congo Basin makes up one of the most important wilderness areas left on Earth. Over 10,000 species of tropical plants fill lush forests, camouflaging endangered forest elephants, chimpanzees, bonobos, and lowland and mountain gorillas, along with 400 other species of mammals, 1,000 species of birds and 700 species of fish.

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Join us as we discover the mystery, vibrancy and allure of Congo: A Hidden Beauty at Zoofari 2017. Special thanks to the event chairs, John & Eileen Barrett.

Donate to Zoofari

Each year at Zoofari, we sell “Zooloons” during the Cocktail Reception portion of the event. Zooloons are $100 restaurant gift certificates attached to a large mylar balloon shaped like an animal—an extremely popular and very fun way to raise money at Zoofari! In order to make our goal this year, we are asking you to consider donating a restaurant gift certificate in the amount of $100. To make it as easy as possible the Zoo staff can also purchase the gift certificate on your behalf.

All donations are tax-deductible!

Please contact Christina Anderson at 513.487.3318 or [email protected]