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Barrows Virtual Conservation Lecture

October 26, 2020

4:30 EDT

Ohio is one of the best places in eastern North America to find bees, with over 500 species! Even as Ohio’s cities grow, and native habitats for bees diminish, many continue to flourish where habitat and floral resources are provided for them. How can Cincinnati support these small, beautiful, and essential creatures?

Join Dr. Olivia Carril and Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo, for a live webinar on October 26th at 4:30 EST. They’ll introduce you to some of the amazing native bees that can be found in the Cincinnati area, and discuss how we can better provide for some of our busiest, and most overlooked citizens — our wild bees.

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Have specific questions about pollinators? Thayne Maynard and Olivia Carril will answer your questions during the live webinar. If you can’t make it, sign up anyway, and we’ll send you a recording.

What you will learn:

Take a dive into the wild world of solitary bees and learn how they live, what they do, and where to see them. See how the Cincinnati Zoo is supporting Cincinnati’s bees and find out what you can do to help these small but important creatures.

Dr. Olivia Carril

Dr. Olivia Carril has been studying native bees and the plants they visit for more than 20 years. Recent evidence has hinted at a possible decline in native bee species in North America. Olivia has been involved in several long-term bee monitoring projects throughout western North America where nearly 3/4 of the US bee species are found.

Thane Maynard

Thane Maynard is one of the most prominent directors of zoos across the country and is internationally known for his innovation and dedication to wildlife preservation, research and education. Maynard is recognized as well for building both educational and research partnerships between the zoo and the University of Cincinnati.

General Events

Zoo Blooms

garden events 1The saturated colors and sun-catching glow of masses and masses of tulips in bloom is a truly spectacular experience. Zoo Blooms delivers not only the region’s largest tulip display, but also hundreds of trees and shrubs in full regalia. Magnolias, cherries, crabapples, serviceberries, viburnums, other bulbs, loads of perennials, and more all in their spring glory! Generally the best tulip display is around the middle of April, but the peak varies somewhat according to the weather. Each week all through spring the landscape continuously changes as the many plants of our extensive collection come into bloom. You need to visit several times to experience the fullness of the season!

Tunes and Blooms

garden events 5Every Thursday evening during April the Zoo hosts Tunes & Blooms. These are FREE concerts in the garden. Enjoy great local bands amongst gardens aglow with the blooms of 100,000 tulips and hundreds of other spring bloomers.

Tree Carnival

garden events 4A rising star in our line up of garden events, Tree Carnival is a fun and educational experience for the entire family. Kids can learn about trees, test their knowledge, earn their Tree Planting License, and take home a free tree! A party atmosphere. There’s even the famous Mr. Tree to hug!

Plant Sales

plantsale2We continually propagate many plants for our own use. Many are rare and unique plants that unavailable or hard to find on the market. Occasionally we hold plant sales and many gems can be purchased. For more information, email [email protected].


garden2Schedule your own garden event at the zoo! Industry groups, Master Gardener groups, garden clubs, plant societies, private companies, families, and others frequently schedule their own garden tours and/or parties. You can too! Email us at [email protected] to schedule a tour.

Native Plant Symposium

garden events 3The annual all day symposium about native plants. Great outside speakers along with the zoo’s Native Plant Program Manager, Brian Jorg.  CEUs available. Affordably priced. Includes lunch.

Plant Trials Day

annnualsThe Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden horticultural staff and volunteers, in conjunction with several other organizations, conducts plant trials on annuals, grasses, and perennials in accordance with regimented protocols. Such trials enable us to develop useful data for gardeners, other public gardens, plant producers, and others in the green community. For more information regarding our Plant Trials programs, please contact us at [email protected].

Sustainable Landscapes Day

gogreenThe concepts of “going green” have come down on the green and building industries in a big way in recent years and a lot of argument over the meaning of sustainability and the means of achieving it has ensued. This program is designed to sort out fact from fiction regarding such issues as soils, irrigation, and the very best low input plants for landscape applications. CEUs available. Affordably priced. Includes lunch.

Home Landscapes Lecture Series

flowerA late winter ten week series of lectures regarding all aspects of landscaping for the homeowner by one of the region’s top horticulturists and the zoo’s Director of Horticulture, Steve Foltz. If you are planning on garden renovation or a new installation in your landscape these classes provide great insight on design, preparation and plant selection with emphasis on plants that do best in the Tri-state area. A different aspect of landscaping is covered each week such as perennial design and tree care, but one way or another everything is covered! Sign up for individual classes, or for the entire series and save! Very affordably priced.