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Feathers, wings and hollow bones are just a few of the physical characteristics that enable birds to fly. The ability to fly has allowed a great diversity of birds to arise and successfully adapt to habitats across the globe. Wings of the World welcomes visitors to a celebration of flight.

Originally a reptile house built in 1936, Wings of the World was renovated in 1996 to house and display a variety of birds from songbirds to puffins. Elaborate artwork and lavishly planted aviaries give life to naturalistic exhibits, portraying habitats such as rainforests, grasslands and wetlands.


The Zoo cares for the largest collection of kea – a highly intelligent mountain parrot from New Zealand – in North America and is committed to the conservation of this species.  The Cincinnati Zoo also supports the efforts of the Kea Conservation Trust (KCT) to conserve wild kea in their natural habitat and increase the husbandry standards and advocacy potential of kea held in captive facilities. Learn more here!