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The Florida pine snake is one of the largest eastern snakes in North America, capable of reaching an impressive length of 84 inches. These brown, spotted snakes are distributed throughout much of Florida and eat a varied diet consisting of small mammals including rabbits, moles, mice and squirrels. Females construct burrows in sunny spots off which they create smaller side burrows for their nests. Upon hatching, baby pine snakes are already a foot long.

side view of a florida pine snake

Did You Know?

Pine snakes have a unique defensive display where they will raise the front of their body in a coiled position, inhale deeply, then exhale to make a loud blowing/hissing sound. They are able to do this with a modified glottis in their throat that acts much like a clarinet reed would.

Quick Facts

Latin Name:
Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus

Southeastern United States

Pine woodland and scrubland

4 to 5.5 ft.

Zoo Location:
Reptile House

small mammals, lizards and eggs