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Golden-breasted starlings exhibit cooperative breeding, where group members assist with nest-building and feeding the young. In this sort of arrangement, breeding females often solicit food from other members of the group to feed to the young. She crouches and quivers while gaping and vocalizing. The group either ignores her and feeds the young themselves, or gives her part of the food to feed the young, or gives her all the food.

This species will nest in tree cavities often constructed and abandoned by woodpeckers.

golden-breasted starling on a branch

Did You Know?

The golden-breasted starling breaks into termite mounds with its pointed beak similar to how a wood pecker digs into tree bark for bugs.

Quick Facts

Latin Name:
Cosmopsarus regius

Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania

Savanna and shrubland

12 to 15 inches

12-14 years

Zoo Location:
Birds of the World

Insects and fruit