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The Malayan tiger wears the characteristic striping pattern of black stripes on orange and white that provides excellent camouflage in the forest. Using its quiet stalking ability, a tiger will ambush large prey, often pouncing on it from the rear.

Other than females with their young, tigers are solitary and come together only to mate. Each tiger defends its own territory from others of the same gender. Territories must be large to provide enough prey for a tiger to eat. A tiger may travel up to 20 miles a night in search of prey. As more and more forests disappear, tigers struggle to maintain a territory with sufficient prey.

malayan tiger laying down

Did You Know?

Tigers of all subspecies are facing critical decline in numbers. There are thought to be about 250-340 Malayan tigers remaining in the wild, making them critically endangered.

Quick Facts

Latin Name:
Panthera tigris jacksoni

Malaysia and southern Thailand


7.6 to 9.3 ft

15 years

Zoo Location:
Cat Canyon

Deer, wild pigs, and cattle

Risk Status:
Species at Risk (IUCN—Critically Endangered)