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Like other loris species, pygmy slow lorises are nocturnal and arboreal. Their large eyes give them phenomenal vision, even in dim light in a forest. All lorises have extremely strong fingers and toes, and they are capable of maintaining a powerful grip with either hands or feet for astonishingly long periods of time. Living most of their lives in the trees, pygmy slow lorises can hang from branches by their strong feet while they gather food with their hands.

Pygmy slow lorises are the only known venomous primate. Modified sweat glands near their elbows allow pygmy slow lorises to secrete a toxin. When they’re alarmed, they can lick these glands, spreading the toxin to their teeth. Their venom can incapacitate predators as large as humans.

slow loris

Did You Know?

The illegal pet trade is one of the largest threats to lorises. They do not make great pets!

Quick Facts

Latin Name:
Nycticebus pygmaeus

Vietnam (east of the Mekong River), eastern Cambodia, Laos, and the Yunnan province in the south of China

6 to 10 inches

17 years

Zoo Location:
Jungle Trails

Fruits, gums, insects and small prey items

Risk Status: