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Verreaux’s eagle owl, also known as a milky eagle owl is the largest owl in Africa. It is named for Jules Verreaux, a well-known ornithologist and botanist in the 1800s.

Like all owls, milky eagle owls have numerous adaptations for hunting. The legs are powerfully strong, with long, sharp talons on each toe. This power, combined with the major force of impact that owls can achieve, means that most prey of any size are killed instantly upon impact. The edges of each feather bear soft, hair-like textures that eliminate the distinctive flapping sound that we hear when most birds take off into flight or change direction suddenly.

ori milky eagle owl flying towards keeper keri ann's arm

Did You Know?

Pairs often stay together for multiple years and produce two eggs annually. Usually, only one of the chicks survives to fledging, but then may stay with the pair for up to two years, assisting to raise subsequent chicks.

Quick Facts

Latin Name:
Bubo lacteus

Central to Southern Africa

Dry and tropical areas, acacia trees, woodlands and savannas. Forests, Scrublands, Woodlands

21-26 inches

Zoo Location:
Wings of the World Encounter