Tour Description

Start your morning with a catered breakfast on the Africa Deck overlooking the savannah.

Breakfast Menu

  • Coming soon!

Then split off into your tour group to head to your first animal habitat where you will meet up with a Zoo Curator to hear fascinating stories of their personal experiences and fun facts about the many amazing animals that they care for and see your favorite animals in a relaxed setting. Your guide will then lead you to your second animal habitat to meet up with a second Zoo Curator so that you can learn more about the animals in their care.

Event Timeline

  • 6:40am: Gate opens for guest arrival and check in – guests will receive their tour group assignment upon check in
  • 7:00am: Breakfast on Africa Deck
  • 7:45am: Curator Chat #1
  • 8:15am: Session #1 ends; guests travel to 2nd location with guide
  • 8:30am: Curator Chat #2
  • 9:00am: Event ends; Zoo is open to the public and guests are welcome to stay for the whole day.

Parking is included with event ticket.