Released condor (Photo: Paco Ciri Fundacion Neotropical)
Returning Andean Condors to the Wild

Since 1989, the Cincinnati Zoo has partnered with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ Andean Condor Species Survival Plan (SSP) to bolster endangered Andean condor populations in South America through breeding in zoos and reintroduction.

In addition to producing chicks, the Zoo’s off-site facility has served as a staging area for young condors hatched at North American zoos and breeding pairs prior to their transfer to and release in their native country of Colombia. To date, more than 80 Andean condors have been released through this program.

In 2012, the SSP began working with Asociacion Colobiana De Parques Zoologicos Y Arcuarios (ACOPAZOA) to assist in establishing Andean condors in Columbian Zoos that, in the future, would produce offspring for release into the wild.

Project Updates