You Can Help

Lola Ya Bonobo isn’t the only one who can help save bonobos… You can too! While donating money to organizations on the front line, like Lola Ya Bonobo, is the most direct way to get involved in conservation, there are several other things you can do to be active participants in conservation.  

♥  Recycle old cell phones 

  • Coltan is a mineral mined in bonobo habitat and is found in every single cell phone. By recycling your old cell phones here at the zoo, you can lower the demand for new coltan mining and help save bonobo habitats.  

♥ Buy local products 

  • Buying local products reduces the amount of long-distance shipping needed which can lower your carbon footprint and have global impacts on climate change.  

♥ Be aware of the social media content you interact with! 

  • Primates are not pets! Content on social media that depicts primates as pets, wearing clothes, or in other unnatural situations can have detrimental impacts on primates in the wild. Interacting with this content (liking, watching, sharing, etc.) increases the demand for unethical practices and the illegal pet trade. Even some influencers and organizations that market themselves as being conservation-focused can post problematic content so make sure you do your research before supporting them!  

♥ Visit the zoo!  

  • By coming to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, your ticket is helping support conservation initiatives around the world, including bonobo conservation at Lola Ya Bonobo.