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Native Plant Sale at Bowyer Farm 2022

The 2022 Native Plant Sale dates are here! Located at the Zoo’s Bowyer Farm (2210 Mason Montgomery Road, Lebanon, OH), these sales offer a wide selection of reasonably priced, well-grown, hard to find, and ecologically important native plants.

Native plants, including ones found throughout the Bowyer Farm ecosystem, will be for sale. The preferred payment for all sales is credit card.

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Dates: September 24, October 8, 2022
Time: 9:00am-1:00pm
Location: Bowyer Farm, 2210 Mason-Montgomery Road, Mason, OH 45040
Accepted Payment: credit cards preferred

Native Plant Sale Sponsor:

Native Plant Symposium

Register today for our annual all-day symposium featuring native plants.  A very exciting group of local and national experts  to enthrall our crowds with their native plant knowledge. Speakers list to be announced soon. Sure to be a sell-out event.

In-Person TicketsVirtual Tickets


Dates: November 19, 2021
Time: 9:00am-5:00pm
Location: Frisch’s Theater, Harold C Schott Education Building
Cost: In-Person: $119, Virtual: $89
Note: CEUs for ONLA, ISA, APLD, ASLA, and PGMS pending. Student discount and sponsorships available. Contact [email protected]oo.orgfor details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platform are you using for virtually viewing CZBG horticultural symposiums?

We will be using Zoom as our platform for each program.

How does this work?

When you register, you will receive an email confirmation and this confirmation will include a link to a DropBox folder.

Can I watch the symposium later?

Yes. Both in-person and virtual registrants will receive a link to a recording of the symposium. This link will stay active for 30 days after symposium.

Can virtual participants see me during the program?


Can other participants see me during the program?

Virtual Horticulture Programs will be a presentation, so registrants will only be able to see the hosts and not be visible to other registrants.

Will I be able to ask questions during the programs?

Very likely not. Usually the speakers use all of their time during their presentations. If there is time available for Q&A, it will be minimal and priority will go to those in the room. You can make comments and ask questions in the chat box to the side. If our staff are able to answer questions during the programs, we will.

How many people will be attending in-person?

We expect to seat about 250 people in a room with a 288 person capacity. This is subject to change.

Annual Events

February - Landscaping for the Homeowner Series

A late winter 5-week series of lectures regarding all aspects of landscaping for the homeowner by one of the region’s top horticulturists and the zoo’s Director of Horticulture, Steve Foltz. If you are planning on garden renovation or a new installation in your landscape these classes provide great insight on design, preparation and plant selection with emphasis on plants that do best in the Tri-state area. A different aspect of landscaping is covered each week such as perennial design and tree care, but one way or another everything is covered! Perfect for the beginning and advanced gardener.

March - Sustainable Urban Landscapes

gogreenThe concepts of “going green” have come down on the green and building industries in a big way in recent years and a lot of argument over the meaning of sustainability and the means of achieving it has ensued. This program is designed to sort out fact from fiction regarding such issues as soils, irrigation, and the very best low input plants for landscape applications. CEUs available. Affordably priced. Includes lunch.

April - Tunes and Blooms

The saturated colors and sun-catching glow of masses and masses of tulips in bloom is a truly spectacular experience. Zoo Blooms delivers not only the region’s largest tulip display, but also hundreds of trees and shrubs in full regalia. Magnolias, cherries, crabapples, serviceberries, viburnums, other bulbs, loads of perennials, and more all in their spring glory! Generally the best tulip display is around the middle of April, but the peak varies somewhat according to the weather. Each week all through spring the landscape continuously changes as the many plants of our extensive collection come into bloom. You need to visit several times to experience the fullness of the season! Free with admission to the Zoo.

August - Plant Trials Day

annnualsThe Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden horticultural staff and volunteers, in conjunction with several other organizations, conducts plant trials on annuals, grasses, and perennials in accordance with regimented protocols. Such trials enable us to develop useful data for gardeners, other public gardens, plant producers, and others in the green community. For more information regarding our Plant Trials programs, please contact us at [email protected].

November - Native Plant Symposium

garden events 3The annual all day symposium about native plants. Great outside speakers along with the zoo’s Native Plant Program Manager, Brian Jorg.  CEUs available. Affordably priced. Includes lunch.