Brush in Trunk Package

Support elephant conservation by purchasing original works of art!

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Proceeds from painting sales go directly to elephant conservation through the International Elephant Foundation.

Details & Pricing

Brush in Trunk Package includes:

  • Custom Elephant Painting featuring the colors of your choice on a 20″ x 16″ – Unmatted, White Canvas
  • Two photos of the elephant artist creating your one-of-a kind work of art


$ 225.00
$ 200.00
$ 350.00

The view painting option is only available between November 1 and March 31.

Elephant painting questions?  Email [email protected]

Shipping within the United States only is an additional $25. If you choose not to pay for delivery, you will be required to pick up your painting at the Zoo.  We will contact you when your painting is ready. Please allow up 6 weeks for delivery.

Okapi Rumps for Refuge Painting

Support okapi conservation by purchasing original works of art by our okapi!

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Proceeds from the sale of these original works of art go to support Okapi conservation efforts in the African Congo through Okapi Conservation Project.  Your generous, tax-deductible gift will help ensure these beautiful rumps will forever find refuge!

Details & Pricing

Rumps for Refuge Imprints include:

  • 12X16 canvas and numbered card of authenticity
  • Striking white imprint on black canvas
  • Like okapi, each imprint is unique and one-of-a-kind
  • Imprint may contain foreign materials such as hair etc.
    • We think this makes them even more special


$ 225.00

Delivery within the United States only is an additional $25. 

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is dedicated to saving the endangered okapi and their Congolese home.  The zoo and its animal care staff are also extremely dedicated to the care and well-being of the animals they house.  Keepers create close, trusting relationships with the animals in order to provide the best possible care.  These close bonds also allow staff to implement various conservation efforts, like this one, to help save the animals they care so deeply for!

For more okapi painting information, contact [email protected].

Rhino Rembrandt Paintings

Support rhino conservation by purchasing original works of art by rhinos Seyia or Ajani Joe!

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Proceeds from painting sales go directly to rhino conservation. Your generous contribution will help ensure that all rhino species and the wild places where they live will be ours to share for generations to come.

Details & Pricing

Rhino Rembrandt Painting Includes:

  • You will receive a 9″ x 12″ painting with a picture of the artist (all non‐matted).
  • Personalize your painting by choosing paint & canvas colors as well as which artist completes your work of art!
  • Paint may contain foreign materials, such as soil, hay, or treat items, etc. provided during painting sessions.
  • A variety of color options are available!


$ 175.00

Delivery within the United States only is an additional $25. 

Ambassadors of three rhino species—Sumatran rhino, black rhino, and Indian rhino—have called the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden home. They are all in danger of extinction in the wild. The Zoo and its animal care staff are extremely dedicated to rhino conservation as well as the care and well‐being of the animals we house. Enrichment is a key element to the high quality of care provided to these intelligent animals. Using their semi‐prehensile lip, the rhinos enjoy stimulating painting sessions with their dedicated caretakers.

For questions & more info, please email [email protected]