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Somatic embryogenesis and cryopreservation of embryogenic cells of Magnoliaceae species by Liang Lin

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Lin Liang is a research associate at the Germplasm Bank of Wild species, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He received his Ph.D. in botany in 2014 at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. His present work is focused on the cryopreservation of endangered, endemic and economically important plants in China, specifically the somatic embryogenesis and cryopreservation of embryogenic cell lines. His research established the cryopreservation protocols for plant species of Magnoliaceae, Orchidaceae, Gesneriaceae, Trilliaceae, and Araliaceae. He started a program to find a solution for the cryopreservation of endangered Magnoliaceae species in China since 2015. Somatic embryogenesis system has been successfully established for 12 Magnoliaceae species and a simple and generic cryopreservation protocol for embryogenic cells by vitrification were also validated. It is feasible to cryopreserved all the endangered Magnoliaceae species (about 40 species) in the next 5-10 years by the above mentioned methodology.

Conserving Agave: Somatic embryos by v-cryoplate method by María de Lourdes Delgado-Aceves

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PhD. In Sciences in Management of Natural and Agricultural Resources at University of Guadalajara (Mexico). Researcher with high knowledge in large-scale micropropagation and regeneration systems in Agave genus and other species. She is currently a leader in biotechnological innovation projects and conservation of plant species. She has published in high impact journals and she has contributed as co-author of book chapters and scientific posters. PhD Lourdes Delgado-Aceves has coordinated international events specialized in Plant Tissue Cultivation, is part of the committee for the creation of the master degree in “Agave and its Derivatives”. She has been recognized by the Society for Cryobiology for the Cryobiotechnological development of Somatic Embryogenesis in Agave.

Cryopreservation of avocado (Persea americana Mill.) using somatic embryos by Chris O’Brien

Cryopreservation of somatic embryos of oak species: An overview by Elena Corredoira

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Dr Corredoira is a member of the Forest Biotechnology Group in the Agrobiological Research Institute of Galicia (IIAG-CSIC), Spain. Her research activity has mainly centred on developing somatic embryogenesis systems in woody species, either for clonal propagation or for use in cryopreservation tests. She has developed procedures for inducing SE in chestnut, elm, alder and eucalyptus and in different species of the genus Quercus (Q. ilex, Q. robur, Q. rubra, Q. bicolor and Q. alba). She has developed efficient methods for cryopreserving somatic embryos of oak species, alder and chestnut by using these embryogenic systems together with vitrification treatments. Her research activity can be summarized as follows: she has participated in 11 projects financed at regional or national level and in 12 contracts with businesses/public authorities; she has published 66 articles in national and international journals (41 in SCI journals), contributed to 17 book chapters, 15 conference proceedings and has presented 59 communications at scientific congresses. At present, her research is focused on developing biotechnological systems for improving and conservation of holm oak with the aim of mitigating the effect of oak decline syndrome, which is seriously affecting woodlands of this species.