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Giant Armadillo

Congratulations! You share traits with the Giant Armadillo, a unique and resilient creature known for its armored exterior and solitary habits. Like the Giant Armadillo, you possess a quiet strength and an independent spirit. Your focused determination and unwavering perseverance enable you to overcome any obstacle in your path. Embrace these qualities and let your tenacity lead you to success! 

Read more about our work with Giant Armadillos & Anteaters:

Saving Wildlife

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Harmony between humanity

Step into the world of giant armadillos and support their conservation with Armadillo-Friendly Honey and other animal-safe products! Embodying resilience and adaptability, these remarkable creatures inspire us to make choices that protect their habitats. By choosing armadillo-friendly goods, you contribute to preserving their unique ecosystems. Join us in promoting harmony between humanity and wildlife, making a positive impact with every purchase. Let your choices resonate with the spirit of the giant armadillo, fostering a future where both humans and wildlife thrive together.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Giant Armadillos?

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden team partners with the Wild Animal Conservation Institute (ICAS) to promote the conservation of elusive, large animals like the giant armadillo in South America. Giant anteaters and giant armadillos share their habitats with people, and ICAS works to engage community members to enable the survival and coexistence with these species and many smaller ones throughout the landscapes. ICAS studies the natural history and health of these elusive animals, as well as road development research and creating an app to utilize community science to decrease road collisions. Projects focus on how to mitigate the effects of habitat fragmentation as a result of development/road creation and human-wildlife conflict materialized as road collisions. Community science-based approaches are being used to bring the community into the initiatives and expand the data collection potential past the research teams. 


Did you know? 

  • Giant armadillos are the largest species of armadillo, weighing up to 70 kilograms (150 pounds).  
  • They are excellent diggers and can create extensive burrow systems, which provide shelter for themselves and other animals.  
  • Giant armadillos have poor eyesight but rely on their keen sense of smell to locate food. 
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