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Congratulations! You’re connected to the Kea, the playful and intelligent alpine parrot of New Zealand. Like the Kea, you possess a mischievous spirit and a keen curiosity about the world around you. Your cleverness and adaptability enable you to thrive in any environment, while your charismatic personality draws others to your side. Embrace your inner Kea and let your adventurous nature soar! 

You are compatible with…


Mo the Sloth holding onto branches


What can you do for Kea?

Side view of a Kea

Kea Clean Up!

It’s time to use your energetic curiosity to get outside and help clean up our environment. You can volunteer and use your skills to support local clean-ups or other events.

What does the Cincinnati Zoo do for Kea?

The Cincinnati Zoo has partnered with the Kea Conservation Trust for over 10 years on a community-focused conflict response and resolution program. Kea can be an exasperating species to coexist with. These highly intelligent and curious birds come into conflict with humans, most often through removing car windshield wipers, chewing on weather stripping, and tearing through human garbage cans. KCT is on call to respond to kea-related issues found in high country sheep farmers, schools, logging areas, and ski resorts with knowledge and patience. In this way, they inspire communities to protect and preserve this endangered New Zealand treasure. 

 At the Cincinnati Zoo, you can visit our Kea Aviary to see these bright birds in action. The keas at the Zoo act as ambassador animals for their species, which is listed as vulnerable to extinction by the IUCN Redlist. By interacting with guests, our keas help inspire guests to be coexistence champions who care for the world around them.  

 The Kea Aviary is open during select hours for guests to be face-to-face with these amazing mountain parrots.  

Arthur (orange leg band) and Marie Curie (red leg band) (Photo: Cassandre Crawford)

Come see Kea and more at the Zoo:

Cincinnati Zoo Map

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