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If you crave an out-of the-ordinary travel experience, travel with the Cincinnati Zoo! Our trips are adventurous, educational, intimate and fun. All our tours are escorted by zoo naturalists who are very knowledgeable, friendly and well-traveled. Come with us on an exciting wildlife adventure!

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2019 Zoo Trips

English Gardens & Chelsea Flower Show

May 18th – May 25th, 2019
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This botanical journey of English Gardens and Chelsea Flower Show will be led by the Cincinnati Zoo’s own award-winning and nationally renowned Director of Horticulture, Steve Foltz. This unique and coveted experience will fulfill your craving for all the botanical beauty your heart desires.

2019 June Galapagos

June 21 – July 1, 2019
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Bear witness to our planet’s most captivating wildlife; for example, their namesake, the 600-pound tortoises, which in the Spanish language, are called Galapagos. Wildlife here also includes Sea lions, Galápagos Fur seals, Galápagos Penguins, Blue-footed and Nazca Boobies and Noddy Terns. The Galapagos Islands have touched the hearts and imaginations of Lord Byron, Charles Darwin and countless others – why not you?

Journey to the enchanted isles of the Galapagos, where Charles Darwin redefined our understanding of life itself. Begin on the mainland, immersing yourself in the culture of Ecuador. Spend your days discovering UNESCO World Heritage marvels in Quito, gazing at snow-capped mountains, or shopping in the indigenous markets of Otavalo. Feel your heart race in anticipation as you step onto your motor yacht, Isabella II, and home for the next four nights in the Galapagos Islands, a place filled with creatures found nowhere else on Earth. You’ll come within steps of these rare animals and hike the unique and storied vistas of the islands accompanied by your expert naturalist guides. Allow yourself to be swept away by this land of discovery and natural wonder.

2019 July Botswana

July 23 – Aug 2, 2019
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Guests will experience a classic safari in one of the most remote and unspoiled places on the African continent, where the abundance of herbivores and their prey is perfectly complemented by lush green landscapes, floral displays and beautiful skies. Wild dogs and leopards are seen on occasion and black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox also occur. Other mammal-sighting possibilities include southern giraffe, steenbok, red hartebeest, the charismatic ground squirrels and meerkats.

Adventure is wrapped in luxury in Botswana, where you wing your way from camp to camp on small planes. First stop, the Kalahari Desert and the otherworldly Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, where a glowing, white expanse of natural salt deposits create glittering mirages that seem to reach out into the horizon endlessly. Then back on the plane for the most spectacular view over the Okavango, a wetland wilderness of looping channels and islands forested with palms and wide grassy floodplains. The Delta is home to a magnificent array of iconic birds and animals, from lion and elephant, to the ‘spirit of the Delta’, Pel’s Fishing Owl. Explore this natural paradise in open 4X4 vehicles, on foot, and in mokoros (dugout canoes).


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November 4 – 14, 2019

Visit a variety of East Africa’s wildlife habitats, each with its unique community of birds and mammals, scenic attractions and cultural components, from your comfortable window seat in a customized 4-wheel-drive safari vehicle. Stay in deluxe lodges and tented camps carefully selected to maximize wildlife viewing.

In Tanzania the Maasai have shared the endless plains of the Serengeti with endemic lion and elephant for centuries. Journey into the dawn of time as you pass the stoic, red-robed Maasai boy herding his cattle and descend 2,000 feet by Land Rover beneath the cloud cover into Ngorongoro Crater, Africa’s ‘Garden of Eden.’ The amazing wildlife you will see crossing the diverse terrain is only enhanced by a visit to Oldupai Gorge, where Mary Leakey discovered one of the earliest fossils of humankind. Home to both humans and beast since the beginning of time. The magic of the Serengeti continues to thrill.

Available 2018 Zoo Trips


November 2 – 16, 2018
Namibia, November Escorted by Dan Marsh, Director of Education
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Discover the magnificent landscapes and unique wildlife of Namibia, where apricot-hued desert sands swirl into razor sharp towering dune, some of the largest in the world.  Put on your walking shoes and trek for black rhino in one of the most breathtaking spots on earth!  Frequent the waterholes and watch the drama of the bush unfold right in front of your eyes.  Bushwalking and drives in 4×4 vehicles reward you with the wildlife treasures that inhabit this sometimes rough and harsh terrain.  Learn about the latest research and conservation efforts from the Cheetah Conservation Fund and their quest to protect this endangered cat.  Luxurious camps and charming lodges make almost dream-like havens for relaxing under starry skies.

Images from the Zoo’s Kenya 2017 trip:

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