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Purchasing a Membership does not guarantee reservation availability. The availability per time slot will differ between member reservations and admission tickets.

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Standard level benefits + unlimited rides + four FREE guests per visit


Standard level benefits + unlimited rides  + one FREE guest per visit


Year-round unlimited admission + parking


(TWO named adults & children/grandchildren age 18 & under*)





(TWO named adults, children not included)





(ONE named adult, children not included)





(ONE named adult, children not included. College/University Student ID required)




Donor Club Options
Keeper Circle

(includes Family Platinum Membership and Donor perks)


Andrew Erkenbrecher Society

(includes Family Platinum Membership and Donor perks)


Additional Info – Donor Clubs

*Limit of 8 children/grandchildren per family membership, age 18 and under

Member Benefits

All Members receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited admission (excluding special and separately ticketed events. Reservations required.)
  • Free parking each visit (Parking cannot be guaranteed on high attendance days. Parking is limited to one vehicle per named adult.)
  • Early Entry into Zoo (9 & 9:30 am reservations, mid-March through October 31)
  • Two half-price guest tickets per day. Purchase half-price tickets online. (Limit 2 half-price tickets per membership, per day. Half off full ticket price, offer cannot be combined with any other discounts, i.e. Penguin Days)
  • Discounts at retail and food service locations in the zoo (some exclusions may apply, please see Gift Shop associates for details)
  • Discounted Admission to over 100 reciprocal zoos and aquariums – including 7 in Ohio (may not be available at all Zoos listed at this time)
  • Discounts on Zoo education classes, camps and lectures
  • Free Admission to PNC Festival of Lights
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Subscription to Z-mail, a bi-monthly e-newsletter with the latest zoo news

All members are held to the Zoo’s Policies, found at Visitor FAQs.

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Zoo Access for All

Learn more about our Zoo Access for All program.

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A Zoo membership is a terrific way to enjoy year-round fun and education!  Please contact us for assistance! Member Services opens daily at 10:00am, and you may call (513) 559-7713 or e-mail us at [email protected]

All Zoo visits will now require preregistration for a specific date and arrival time, please click here to learn more about what to expect during your next visit to the Zoo and how to preregister.

We love our members! Members that renew their membership before its expiration date can receive 20% off the full price membership! (Must be renewed before the current membership expires to receive discount, discount code required. The 20% discount cannot be combined with any additional discounts, promotions or offers. Discount is off the full price of membership).

For speedy processing, purchase your membership online! You can use your email confirmation as your membership card as soon as you receive it. Phone and mail orders take longer to process.

Please note: Purchasing a Membership does not guarantee reservation availability. The Availability per time slot will differ between member reservations and admission tickets. Members: to cancel a reservation please email [email protected]


It’s More than a Membership

At the heart of every great city is a great zoo. What’s just as true is that at the heart of every great zoo are compassionate, committed citizens who know what zoos mean to the world.

Being a Cincinnati Zoo member means…

  • You’re supporting extensive efforts to protect endangered animals and plants. 
  • You’re investing in the future of the city by creating a space where animals and people can thrive.
  • You’re supporting our animal care staff’s passion and dedication to every animal that lumbers, swims, swings, slithers, flies, prowls, hops, gallops or waddles within our 80 acres.
  • You’re investing in passionate individuals and organizations who are committed to saving wildlife globally.
  • You’re supporting the care and feeding of young minds, which can inspire a lifelong passion for conservation.
  • You’re making adventure more accessible for families that experience the zoo differently.
  • You’re helping us build a community.
  • You’re investing in hope.

Your membership truly makes a world of difference and we need you now more than ever.

Give a Zoo Membership

Gift Membership

Looking for a wild and unique gift? Give the gift of membership!

When you purchase a gift membership, you (as the gift giver) will receive an e-mail confirmation with a PDF gift certificate attached that the recipient will redeem at their convenience to begin their membership. The PDF can either be printed or shown from a smartphone to redeem at Member Services at the Zoo. You will not need any of the recipients information to purchase a gift membership.

The membership doesn’t start until the recipient decides to redeem the gift certificate at Member Services, which means they won’t lose any time on their membership! The membership is valid for one year from the redemption date.

Gift memberships in the form of renewals will add one year from the current members expiration date (i.e. if the current members expiration date for their membership is 3/31/2020, the gift membership will add one year and expire on 3/31/2021). You will not need the current members information to complete the transaction.

Click one of the links below to start the gift membership process.

Gift for NEW MemberGift for CURRENT Member (Renewal)

Gift Membership Certificates must be redeemed by phone at (513) 559-7713 before a reservation can be made to visit the Zoo during our phased re-opening. Once redeemed by phone an email will be sent to the member with their membership ID number. They will use this membership ID number to reserve a time online. The email they receive will contain their membership information and barcode to enter the Zoo.

Zoo Bucks

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The perfect gift for any Zoo lover! Zoo Bucks never expire and may be spent anywhere at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden from admission to membership or even a bite to eat!  Zoo Bucks are delivered as a PDF attachment via email and may be printed or forwarded to the recipient.

Happy Shopping!

Click here for a printable PDF Gift Certificate to give with your gift membership:

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Join a Donor Club

Donor Clubs
Take Your Membership to The Next Level. Join a Donor Club Today!

“Thank you for investing in the future of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and the future of wildlife. We couldn’t do it without you.” – Thane Maynard

Keeper Circle

fiona hippo Keeper Circle Donors make an annual gift ranging from $500-999 in support of the mission and vision of the Zoo. As a ‘thank you’ these donors receive a Family Platinum Membership, invitations to special events throughout the year, often before or after Zoo hours, and a letter documenting the tax-deductible portion of your gift. We invite you to join the Keeper Circle by making a donation today!

Join/Renew Keeper Circle More Info: Keeper Circle

cheetahAndrew Erkenbrecher Society

In honor of our founder, the Andrew Erkenbrecher Society was created to recognize our dedicated and visionary donors who give $1,000 or more annually to support the mission of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. This distinguished Donor Club includes a Family Platinum Membership, invitations to exclusive events and opportunities throughout the year, and a letter documenting the tax deductible portion of your gift. We invite you to join the Andrew Erkenbrecher Society by making a donation today!

Join/Renew Andrew Erkenbrecher Society More Info: AES
Membership FAQs

Q: How can I contact the Member Services Office?

A: The membership office is open daily, 10:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m. (times vary throughout the year, i.e. early entry hours, winter hours, etc.) and you may call (513) 559-7713 or e-mail us at [email protected].

As a reminder, our Vine Street parking lot gate closes at 4:30 pm and the Zoo closes at 5 pm.

Q: How do I become a Member at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden?

A: There are two ways to become a member:

Q: I am a member, am I required to make a reservation to attend the Zoo?

A: Yes, all visitors attending the Zoo (including members) must have an advanced reservation to visit.

New 8/1/2020 – Members will not be required to have a reservation to visit the Zoo from 2-4 pm daily (reservation still required for entry from 9 am until 1:30 pm). Only members, children and guests on the membership will be able to attend without a reservation between 2-4 pm, any guests not included on the membership will still need to purchase tickets to enter.

Q: When do I receive my membership card and will you take my picture?

A: If you join the Zoo or renew your membership, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a temporary card that you can use immediately. You can also download your digital membership card through the Digital Membership Portal.

Your membership will not be automatically sent through the mail. We have been trying to no longer mail out Membership cards for several reasons: as part of our Net Zero Waste Initiative, a way for us to verify all information on the account is correct before printing, a nice check-in point with our members, and due to the fact that we have limited staff on site.

If you’d like to have your physical cards sent, you will need to email [email protected] with the membership ID number, named adult(s), mailing address, email, and # children/grandchildren (if a family membership). We will have limited resources on-site to print and renew memberships at this time.

We have limited resources on-site to take pictures at this time. If there is a line, we ask you to accomplish this on your next visit.

Q: Why do I have to show a photo ID each time I visit?

A:  As a non-profit organization that relies heavily on membership and attendance for support, we must prevent misuse of our membership cards. We also want to protect our members should their cards be lost or stolen. We try hard to keep our membership prices affordable for as many families as possible. If families and neighbors shared memberships, our revenue would be severely reduced and we would have little choice but to raise our prices.

We have added that capacity to take your photo at the Member Services Windows if you would like to stop in and have that done. You will not need a photo ID on future visits once we have stored your photo. You will still need to provide your membership card for entry. We have limited resources on-site to take pictures at this time. If there is a line we ask you to accomplish this on your next visit.

Q: What if I don’t have my cards yet but want to visit the Zoo anyway?

A: No problem! You can access your digital membership cards via the Digital Membership Portal at You can access from any smart phone or tablet. Don’t have a smart phone or tablet? Just stop in Member Services and we can issue you a Day Pass. You may then take your Day Pass and photo ID to the turnstile for entry. Please note, if you forget your membership card, we will issue a Day Pass one time as a courtesy; additional occurrences will require the purchase of replacement cards (see next question).

Q: How do I replace a lost or damaged card?

A: In our effort to reach Zero Net Waste, there is a $7.00 fee for lost or damaged membership cards. Please contact the membership office to pay by phone to replace your cards. Don’t forget you have access to your digital membership cards via the Digital Membership Portal at!

Q: After I buy my membership, when will it expire?

A: All memberships expire the last day of the month they are purchased in, the following year – so you and your family will have at least 12 months to enjoy the Zoo year-round.

Q: If I renew my membership early, when will it expire?

A: We always add 12 months to your current expiration date when you renew. For example, if your membership expires 6/30/18 and you renew 4/4/18, your membership will be extended to 6/30/19.

Q: Does my membership include guest passes?

A: All members may purchase up to two half-price guest tickets per day.  Half-price guest tickets can be purchased online here with a valid membership ID number. Half-price tickets expire at the end of the calendar year. The discount is limited to one transaction per day (the discount cannot be applied to a single ticket twice in one day, for example).

Our Gold level memberships include one free guest per visit and our Platinum level memberships include four free guests per visit (this is total guests for the entire membership). Gold and Platinum level memberships still receive two half-price guest tickets per day on top of their free guest(s).

Q: Can I lend my membership card to a friend or family member to use?

A: No. Memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be extended. All sales are final. A primary and secondary adult named member names cannot be changed during the membership year.

Q: I'd like to send my babysitter/nanny/caretaker with my child who are on my Family Membership (or Dual Gold membership for children under 2) to the Zoo without me. How can I do that?

A: Please send your membership card, along with a note that explains that the adult accompanying your child on the family level membership (or the Dual Gold membership for children under 2) is doing so with your permission and knowledge.  That person will present the note, membership card, and their photo ID (that matches the name in the note provided) at the turnstile for admission for the child – the caretaker will require a ticket. For Gold and Platinum Level members, the free guest(s) included with your membership CAN be used for this person accompanying your child.  The “guest” would present the note and the membership card at the turnstile for admission for themselves and the child.

Q: Can my non-member guests enter with me during Early Entry hour (9:00AM-10:00AM)?

A: At this time the Early Entry hour (9 and 9:30 am reservation times) is for member reservations only. Please remember Early Entry is from mid-March until the end of October. The Zoo opens to everyone at 10:00AM from November through early-March.

Q: I have a Gold/Platinum membership: can my free guest(s) use my membership without me (a named adult on the membership) being present?

A:  Free guest(s) must accompany one of the named adults on the membership for entry into the zoo. Half-price ticket holders can enter the zoo without a named adult on the membership being present.

Q: I have a Gold/Platinum membership: does my free guest(s) receive unlimited rides with me?

A: The free guest(s) included on Gold and Platinum memberships receive free rides on the train when accompanied by the member.

Q: How many children can I include on my membership?

A: Family memberships allow up to eight children living in the household age 18 and under or up to eight grandchildren age 18 and under.  Please consider a Platinum level membership if you would like to cover more than eight children/grandchildren as those memberships include up to four additional guests.

Q: Can I include my grandchildren on my membership?

A: A Family level membership allows up to eight grandchildren age 18 and under (some restrictions apply).

Q: One of the named adults is no longer able to use the membership, can I replace their name with someone else?

A: No. Memberships are non-transferable, non-refundable, and cannot be extended. All sales are final. A primary and secondary adult named member names cannot be changed during the membership year.

Q: Can I use my membership for my child's school field trip or ticketed event?

A: Memberships are not applicable for admission or rides during school field trips or ticketed events. Memberships are always valid for parking.

Q: Can I drop off my child at the zoo? How old do they need to be without an adult present during their visit?

A: A Child must be 13 years or older in order to visit the zoo without a parent or guardian present. If the child is coming into the zoo on a membership (and they are one of the children on the membership), they will need a note from one of the named adults on the membership stating they give their permission and knowledge for the child to enter the zoo without them present. They will also need a reservation and one of the membership cards for entry.

Q: My membership includes parking, where do I park?

A: Parking is limited to one vehicle per named adult on your membership, per day. If you have a Platinum, Gold or Standard membership, you may park in any open Zoo parking lot free of charge.  Due to limited availability, parking is first-come, first-served and is not guaranteed on high volume days. The membership free parking benefit is applicable for zoo visits only. Parking in any zoo lot while not visiting the zoo is not permitted.

Q: Can I use my membership for PNC Festival of Lights?

A: Zoo memberships are valid for all seasonal events, such as Zoo Blooms, Zoo Babies, HallZOOween, and PNC Festival of Lights.

Q: I’ve already renewed my membership but I continue to get renewal notices in the mail. Should I be concerned that you did not receive my renewal?

A: If you have recently renewed your membership, please disregard any renewal notices that follow. Although we work to process renewals as quickly as possible, there is a chance that you may receive another notice before your payment and renewal is processed and entered into our system. Renewals sent by mail may take up to 21 days to process. If you have any additional questions about your renewal or if it has been over a month since you renewed, please call our membership office for more information.

Q: My gift membership expired. Does that mean I can't redeem it?

A: We will honor the value of the gift certificate you received, even beyond its expiration date. However, if the price of the membership has increased since the time of purchase (or if there are any other differences in price where the value of the membership you are receiving is higher than what the gift certificate was purchased for) you will be responsible for covering the difference.

Q: Can I use my membership for admission to other zoos?

A: You can use your Cincinnati Zoo membership to receive FREE or discounted admission to over 100 other zoos and aquariums nationwide (including 7 in Ohio). Some popular organizations that are NOT on that list, however, include San Diego Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Indianapolis Zoo, and Newport Aquarium. You can view the most current list here. We strongly recommend you contact the zoo or aquarium you want to visit prior to your trip as the reciprocal list is subject to change without notice. Due to current conditions, some reciprocal Zoos may not be honoring reciprocity at this time.

Q: Is my membership tax-deductible?

A: Zoo memberships are purchased for the goods and services offered by means of the membership and are NOT tax-deductible EXCEPT if the amount paid is $75 or less.  Memberships $75 and under are considered an insubstantial benefit and are therefore 100% deductible.  Please consult a tax advisor for additional information.

Q: If I want to join the Zoo on the day of my visit, can I receive credit from my admission toward the cost of the membership?

A: If you purchase tickets to visit the Zoo and would like to convert them into a membership, you are able to apply up to 100% of the admission and parking you paid toward your membership. Some restrictions apply. Ticket conversions are applicable only on the day of your visit. Please stop by the Member Services Windows to purchase.

Q: What else should I know about my membership?

A: Here are some important Membership Policy reminders:

  • Memberships are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be extended.
  • Reservations are required for all visitors entering the Zoo.
  • Each named adult on the membership must provide a valid photo ID for admission & benefits (option to have photo taken at the membership services windows in lieu of presenting photo ID).
  • Memberships cannot be used for admission on school field trips or paid admission events (e.g. company picnics/outings/birthday parties/wine events/etc.).
  • Parking cannot be guaranteed on high attendance days. Also, parking is limited to one vehicle per named adult. Visiting during Early Entry hour is a great way to guarantee a parking spot.
  • Children from your membership may attend without a named adult but will need a note of permission and the membership card for admission & benefits.
  • Half-price tickets are limited to 2 half-price tickets per membership, per day. Half off the full-ticket price, the offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.
  • Some exclusions may apply for discounts at gift shops, please see a Gift Shop associate for details.
  • All members are held to the Zoo’s Policies.

If you do not see your question here, please call the membership office at (513) 559-7713 or e-mail us at [email protected].

red pandasReciprocal Zoos

Please note: If you are a member of one of the following zoos and aquariums, you will receive 50% off general admission at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, regardless of your zoo or aquarium’s free/reduced admission policy. To receive the discount you must present your current Reciprocal Zoo Membership and Photo ID at the Ticketing Windows. We do require reservations to attend the Cincinnati Zoo. Due to reservation requirement, we suggest attending between 2 and 3:30 pm for the most availability, we cannot guarantee reservation availability at date/time you want to attend with Reciprocal Zoo Discount.

When you present your Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden membership card, you will receive 50% off admission to the following zoos and aquariums (discount may not be available at all Zoos listed at this time.):

Expand arrow for reciprocal zoos

Alabama – Birmingham Zoo

Alaska – Alaska SeaLife Center

Arizona – Phoenix Zoo, Reid Park Zoo, SEA LIFE Arizona Aquarium

Arkansas – Little Rock Zoo

California – Aquarium of the Bay, Cabrillo Marine Aquarium*, Charles Paddock Zoo, CuriOdyssey, Fresno Chaffee ZooHappy Hallow Zoo , Los Angeles Zoo, Oakland Zoo, Sacramento Zoo, San Francisco Zoo, Santa Barbara Zoo, Sequoia Park Zoo, The Living Desert

CANADAGranby Zoo, Calgary Zoo, Toronto Zoo

Colorado – Pueblo Zoo

Connecticut – Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo

Delaware – Brandywine Zoo

District of Columbia – Smithsonian National Zoological Park*

Florida – Brevard Zoo, Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens, Florida Aquarium, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Mote Marine Aquarium, Palm Beach Zoo, Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo, St. Augustine Alligator FarmTampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, Zoo Miami

Georgia – Chehaw Wild Animal Park, Zoo Atlanta

IdahoIdaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park, Zoo Boise

Illinois – Cosley Zoo, Henson Robinson Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo*, Miller Park Zoo, Peoria Zoo, Scovill Zoo

Indiana – Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden, Potawatomi Zoo

Iowa – Blank Park Zoo, Nat’l Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium

Kansas – David Traylor Zoo of Emporia*, Hutchinson Zoo*, Lee Richardson Zoo*, Rolling Hills Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, Sunset Zoo, Topeka Zoological Park

KentuckyLouisville Zoological Garden

LouisianaAlexandria Zoo

MarylandThe Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, Salisbury Zoo*

Massachusetts – Boston Museum of Science, Buttonwood Park Zoo, Capron Park Zoo, Franklin Park Zoo, Stone Zoo

MEXICOParque Zoologico de Leon

Michigan – Binder Park Zoo, Detroit Zoological Society, John Ball Zoological Garden, Potter Park Zoo Society, SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium, Saginaw Children’s Zoo

Minnesota – Como Park Zoo*, Lake Superior ZooMinnesota Zoo

MissouriDickerson Park Zoo, Kansas City Zoo, Saint Louis Zoo*, SEA LIFE Aquarium, The Butterfly House

Montana Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center

NebraskaLincoln Children’s ZooOmaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Riverside Discovery Center

New Hampshire – Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

New JerseyBergen County Zoo, Cape May County Zoological Society*, Turtle Back Zoo

New MexicoAlbuquerque BioPark, Living Desert Zoo & Gardens State Park

New YorkBuffalo Zoo, Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park, Seneca Park Zoo, Staten Island Zoo, Trevor Zoo, Utica Zoo

North Carolina Greensboro Science Center, Museum of Life and ScienceNorth Carolina Aquarium at Roanoke Island, North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher,  North Carolina Zoological Park, Western North Carolina Nature Center

North DakotaChahinkapa Zoo, Dakota Zoo, Red River ZooRoosevelt Park Zoo

OhioAfrican Safari Wildlife Park, Akron Zoological Park, Boonshoft Museum of Discovery, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Columbus Zoo & Aquarium, Toledo Zoo, the Wilds

OklahomaOklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden, Tulsa Zoo

Oregon –  Oregon Zoo, Wildlife Safari

PennsylvaniaElmwood Park Zoo, Erie Zoological Society, Lehigh Valley Zoo, National Aviary, Philadelphia Zoo, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG AquariumZOOAMERICA North American Wildlife Park

Rhode Island – Roger Williams Park Zoo

South CarolinaGreenville Zoo, Riverbanks Zoo & Garden

South DakotaBramble Park Zoo, Great Plains Zoo & Delbridge Museum

Tennessee – Chattanooga Zoo at Warner Park, Knoxville Zoo, Memphis Zoo, Nashville Zoo

Texas – Abilene Zoo, Caldwell Zoo, Cameron Park Zoo, Dallas Zoo, Ellen Trout Zoo, El Paso Zoo, Gladys Porter Zoo, Houston Zoo, San Antonio Zoo

UtahTracy Aviary, Utah’s Hogle Zoo

VirginiaVirginia Zoo

Washington Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo

West Virginia – Oglebay’s Good Zoo

WisconsinHenry Vilas Zoo*, International Crane Foundation, Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens, NEW Zoo, Racine Zoological Gardens

*Denotes FREE admission for Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden members – some restrictions may apply

This list is subject to change without notice. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is not responsible for admission fees paid at reciprocal zoos as a result of unexpected changes in reciprocity agreements or other restrictions. Some organizations offer reciprocity to a limited number of individuals per visit, regardless of how many are covered by your Cincinnati Zoo membership. Parking and guest privileges generally do not reciprocate. We recommend you contact the zoos on this list prior to your visit to confirm the current reciprocity status and any restrictions.

Updated May 22, 2019

Full Membership Disclaimer

No Refunds, Transfers or Extensions of Memberships

The person(s) using this membership grants the Zoological Society of Cincinnati (the “Zoo”) permission to use his or her image, or that of his/her children, in advertising, publicity and other promotions without payment or compensation to holder. By using this membership, the person using it voluntarily assumes all risk of personal injury (including but not limited to death) and loss of property, by accident or otherwise, incidental to attending the Zoo and using its rides, attractions and facilities, and agrees that the Zoo, its directors, officers, employees, and agents are not responsible for and shall not be liable for any such injuries or losses, no matter how caused. This membership evidences a revocable license to enter the Zoo’s property, and this license may be revoked (and the holder ejected from the Zoo’s property) at the sole discretion of the Zoo, without refund, if misused or if the holder fails to abide by the policies, rules or regulations of the Zoo. Such policies, among other things, prohibit the possession and/or use of controlled substances and intoxicants on Zoo property. Park hours, prices, policies, and programs are all subject to change without notice. This membership is non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Fees for food, merchandise, pay-per-ride attractions, and special concerts and events are not included unless noted on the membership.