BB&T Express Train & Carousel Rides

BB&T Express Train Ride

Closed for Seasonal Maintenance.

Re-Opens March 11, 2017!

Individual Ride Ticket (all ages)- $4

All aboard! Take a ride on an all-time Zoo favorite! Our BB&T Express Train Ride is FUN for the whole family, taking visitors on a journey around the inner loop of the Zoo. The ride concludes with a relaxing ride on Swan Lake! This is an experience you won’t want to miss!

Conservation Carousel Ride

Closed for annual winter maintenance.

Re-opens March 11, 2017!

*Weather permitting

Individual Ride Ticket (all ages)- $3

Cheetahs, zebras, lions, and more! Our Conservation Carousel is stocked with some of the coolest animals around! Whether it’s riding on a giraffe or a critically endangered Sumatran rhino – this is FUN you can’t pass up!

4-D Experiences

4-D Special F-X Theater

Open Weekends: 11am-3pm

*Weather permitting

Individual Experience (all ages)- $5 non-members,
$2 all members

Average runtime of 10 minutes. Previews are shown below.

4-D Special F-X Theater FAQ

What is a 4-D Special F-X Theater?

Our 4-D Special FX Theater features short feature films with state-of-the-art High Definition 3-D and multisensory effects, such as wind, water, scents, special lighting, and more! Our 4-D Experiences make you feel like you are part of the film

I’m visiting the Zoo with small children. Are they too young for this experience?

Our 4-D Theater is FUN for the whole family! While we do not suggest bringing infants into this experience, kids and adults of any age will love it

Do the seats move?

Our seats, though equipped with lots of different effects, do not move.

I’m not going to be at the Zoo all day. Will I have time to visit the 4-D Theater?

Absolutely! Each experience lasts approximately 15 minutes. Our 4-D Theater is a great chance to take a seat and get out of the heat, rain, cold, or whatever else mother nature throws our way!

I’m a member- do I get special pricing?

Of course! All members receive a special discount that makes each 4-D Theater experience only $2!


Are there any special deals at the 4-D Theater?

Would you like to see experience more than one show? Good news! If you purchase one experience, you get the second and/or third for half-price! This includes package tickets and member-priced tickets. See ticketing agent for details.

Do we have to be on time for our show or can we go to a different one?

Due to the popularity of our 4-D Theater, we ask that all visitors attend the showtime they are scheduled for on their ticket. Should a need arise to attend another show, please see a ticketing agent at a Rides or Admissions location as soon as possible so that they can attempt to accommodate your need. Please note: there are no refunds for missed showings.

4-D Experience Showing This Winter:

Coastal Predators: A 4-D Experience (shows :00 and :30 of every hour)

It is the greatest gathering of ocean predators on the planet. Dolphins, sharks, whales and seals converge to feast along the breathtaking South African coast in one of nature’s most amazing events. Coastal Predators: A 4-D Experience® is an astonishing underwater Armageddon. Each year billions of sardines are pushed into the shallows as the ocean’s most incredible animals forego natural instincts towards each other to come together for a common quest. Without the annual sardine run, the lives of the animals caught up in the drama hang in the balance. Stunning visuals and high octane action with 4-D effects bring this great spectacle to life as you dive into this feeding frenzy of epic proportions.


Runtime: approx 12 minutes

Included with the Penguin Pass! Buy tickets here!

Extreme Log Ride (shows :15 of every hour)

n 2020 humankind is on the brink of a major environmental disaster. To save us from extinction, scientists develop a supertree. Follow the life of a super-tree in a spectacular ride that bounces, tumbles and flies through the farm known as Himalamazon.

Runtime: approx 10 minutes

Included with the Penguin Pass! Buy tickets here!

Dino Island II (shows :45 of every hour)

There is a crisis on Dino Island and the Earth Science Team has to capture ‘Tony’, the only remaining T-Rex in the world, before a volcano erupts and wipes out all life on the island. It’s a perilous race against time as lava flows, cliffs break away and Tony falls into a deep and fast whirlpool. Can we save Tony (and ourselves) from extinction?

Runtime: approx 7 minutes

Included with the Penguin Pass! Buy tickets here!