The plants in the Recommended Lists from the Botanical Garden at the Cincinnati Zoo come from trials and usage in the urban/suburban, Midwest conditions of Zoo grounds and also from extensive observations of plants in public gardens and private gardens from around the region. We are very confident that usage of these plants in ordinary garden situations will result in good success, provided they are properly sited, planted, and maintained. To support the zoo’s horticultural mission by donating plants, money, or time, please contact us at [email protected].


Tree brochure series: Zoo Best Small, medium & large trees.


Recommended Large Trees



mediumtreeRecommended Medium Trees




smalltreeRecommended Small Trees



evergreenoverRecommended Evergreen Trees Over 25’




evergreenunderRecommended Evergreen Trees Under 25’







Shrub brochure series: Zoo Best Small, medium & large trees.

shrubsoverRecommended Shrubs Over 5′



evergreenshrubunderRecommended Evergreen Shrubs Under 10’



woodyRecommended Woody Plants for Very Good or Outstanding Sustainability



Recommended Shrubs Under 5′ 





Recommended Perennials For Sun



perenshadeRecommended Perennials For Shade



perpartshadeRecommended Perennials For Part Shade 





annuals 334Recommended Annuals





grassRecommended Grasses





Site Specific

wetRecommended Plants For Wet Sites



dryRecommended Plants For Dry Soil



deerRecommended Plants With High Deer Resistance 



Native Plants

Acersaccharum.LegacySugarMapleRecommended Large Native Trees


Recommended Medium Native Trees

Small native tree


Recommended Small Native Trees


DCF 1.0Recommended Native Shrubs Over 5′  



Small native shrubRecommended Native Shrubs Under 5′



perennialsunRecommended Native Perennials For Sun




HardyAgeratumRecommended Native Perennials For Shade



vineRecommended Native Vines 



nativegrassRecommended Native Grasses