2017 World Giraffe Day June 21

Posted June 19, 2017 by Jenna Wingate

On Wednesday, June 21st, we are celebrating World Giraffe Day at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden (CZBG). 

Did you know the giraffe was recently listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species with a 40% decrease in their population over the last 30 years?

Maasai giraffe are unfortunately being impacted the most out of all of the subspecies, and we currently have a herd of six beautiful Maasai giraffe living here at CZBG.

Giraffes are incredible animals.  They are the tallest animals on Earth and have an 18-inch-long prehensile, purple tongue used to browse from thorny acacia trees. They can eat up to 75 pounds of leaves, twigs and bark a day.

Giraffe populations are suffering from habitat loss, trophy hunting, illegal poaching, and war-stricken habitat.  Here at CZBG, we support wild Maasai giraffe conservation by offering “behind the scenes” tours  with proceeds going to the Wild Nature Institute.

This World Giraffe Day we will be offering FREE giraffe feedings* to anyone who brings in used/non-functioning plastic swipe cards. Examples include:

  • Used gift card
  • Old hotel room key
  • Expired rewards card
  • Any plastic card
  • Old key chain cards (gym, grocery, gas station)

Everyone loves to feed the giraffes! (Photo: DJJAM)

These plastic swipe cards must be specially recycled to reduce the need to drill for the petroleum oil they are made from.  Furthermore, drilling occurs in Uganda where giraffe can be found.  Less drilling = more habitat we can preserve for giraffe and other wildlife!

  • All cards collected will be properly recycled by CZBG staff.
  • If you cannot make it to the Zoo to exchange your card for a giraffe feeding, please recycle your expired cards at Best Buy.

*One feeding per person (two pieces of lettuce).