Cat Canyon Construction Begins!

Posted September 1, 2011

New Home for Large Cats Opens Next Summer

Map of Cat Canyon Construction
Areas in orange will be closed during construction.

The Cat Canyon expansion is set to start on September 6, following Labor Day Weekend, and be finished in early summer 2012. During construction, the area behind Night Hunters will close and the large cats that are currently there will be off exhibit until Cat Canyon reopens.

Parts of the path that winds around the “Veldt” will also be closed during construction (see map.)  You will still be able to see Black Rhinoceros Klyde and Indian Rhinoceros Nikki, but the zebras, bongos,  & okapi will not be out.    

The expanded Cat Canyon will link the Night Hunters experience with the current Tiger Canyon exhibits and will include a watering hole for the tigers.  There will also be a new facility for snow leopards, where we’re planning to manage a breeding pair.  Cat Canyon aims to provide guests with a new, exciting adventure into the world of our great predators, the wild cats, while strengthening our commitment to the conservation of threatened species through education and scientific research and support of conservation in the wild.