Cat Canyon Now Open

Posted June 28, 2012

CINCINNATI – On June 30, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden opened its newest exhibit – Cat Canyon!  Originally opened in 1934 as Tiger Grotto, major renovations allows visitors to see the Zoo’s big cats closer than ever before.  One of the highlights is a new viewing area offering an opportunity to stand eye-to-eye with Malayan tigers, with just an inch of glass in between.  

In addition to Malayan tigers, Cat Canyon is home to white tigers and snow leopards in immersive exhibits that showcase the majesty and grace of these amazing cats.  With two new viewing areas overlooking three new outdoor exhibits, waterfalls, new rock work, a wooden bridge, eye-to-eye viewing panes and lush play spaces for the animals, this exhibit promises to be exciting for young and old alike.  

Linking visitors to Night Hunters, Cat Canyon hopes to provide guests with a new, exciting adventure into the world of the great predators, while strengthening the Zoo’s commitment to the conservation of threatened species through education and scientific research in the wild and at the Zoo.  Cat Canyon is presented by The Spaulding Foundation.  Generous donations also from the Ohio Cultural Facilities Commission, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pichler,  Mr. and Mrs. R. Kerry Clark, The H.B., E. W. & F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation, Winfried L. and Emil L. Barrows Fund,  John Hauck Foundation and the Dorothy M. Kersten Charitable Trust.