Celebrate Lulu’s 1st Birthday!

Posted October 9, 2013

#GiraffeBirthday Party at the Cincinnati Zoo

CINCINNATI – “Lulu”, the Cincinnati Zoo’s youngest Maasai giraffe is turning ONE this Saturday, October 12.   In honor of her 1st birthday the Zoo is holding a giraffe birthday party on Friday, October 11, at 10:30 a.m.  Guests are invited to come see the happy family, mom “Tessa”, dad “Kimba” and Lulu, enjoy a giraffe birthday cake and sign Lulu’s 1st birthday card. The cake, which consists of frozen gelatin, mountains of pureed produce, bamboo stalks and browse, was made just for the celebration by the Zoo’s animal nutritionist and commissary staff.

The public was introduced to Lulu when she was the first giraffe in history to have her birth live-tweeted!  Since her very public arrival, Lulu has been a familiar face for Zoo lovers across the country, many of whom (over 5,400 people) suggested names for her during the Zoo’s “Name the Baby Giraffe” Facebook contest.  To recognize her historical birth, the Zoo will be live-tweeting the birthday preparations and party using hashtag #LuluTurnsOne! Follow along as the Cincinnati Zoo shows off what it takes to pull off a giraffe-sized birthday party!

“As one the Cincinnati Zoo’s many “sweet-hearts”, we are excited to make Lulu’s first birthday a community party,” said Thane Maynard, Executive Director of the Cincinnati Zoo. “Visitors can come out Friday, October 11, thru Sunday, October 13, and sign her card, at Giraffe Ridge, and say hi to our birthday girl!”

The Cincinnati Zoo is proud to partner with the African Conservation Centre in Kenya. The Centre’s primary aim is to bring together the people and skills needed to build East Africa’s capacity to conserve wildlife, including the Maasai giraffe.  The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is open 364 days a year.