Children’s Books by Local Author/Illustrator Benefit Cincinnati Zoo Lion Cubs

Posted February 19, 2015

February 19, 2015 – Cincinnati – Local author/illustrator of beloved children’s book series Lyndsay and Lainey Lion Adventure Series, Jennifer Brasington-Crowley, has partnered with the Cincinnati Zoo to celebrate the three new lion cubs born at the zoo in November.

The Cincinnati Zoo lion cubs were born to father John and mother Imani in November. All three cubs are female, and have been given the names Uma, Kya and Willa. In addition, the Cincinnati Zoo works with the wild lion population in the Maasai communities in Kenya’s South Rift Valley. Sales of Lyndsay and Lainey Lion books will support these conservation efforts as well.

The books center around the antics of Lyndsay and Lainey, orphaned lion cub sisters who live in the veterinary hospital at the Sunnyville City Zoo and Rehabilitation Center. Each book introduces the cubs, and readers, to a new animal that children may not learn about in other books.

Be on the lookout in April when the Cincinnati Zoo and Save Local Waters hold the annual rain barrel auction. The Lyndsay and Lainey Lion author is contributing a rain barrel illustrated with the new lion cubs. “We are hoping this design brings more attention to the lion cubs, as well as their wild cousins in Kenya,” says Brasington-Crowley. “While the artwork is similar to what you find in the Lyndsay and Lainey Lion books, the lions on the rain barrel represent Uma, Kya and Willa, while John and Imani watch from the background.”

Proceeds from online book sales begin March 1, 2015. 50% of all sales from the book website will go directly to the Cincinnati Zoo, to be used for the care of the lion cubs, as well as conservation efforts for their wild lion cousins. Books are also available for sale at the Cincinnati Zoo gift shop.

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